Online Workspace Aggregator

All your documents & apps in one place

No installation, no configuration. You just need a browser

Works with any device, any OS, any recent browser. Easy & simple

No data saved on the device. 100% secure

One integrated solution. Budget-friendly licensing.

Awingu brings it all together

Our software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device, OS or browser.

We simplify enterprise mobility without disrupting the way you currently run your IT.

Awingu offers a very intuitive user interface, a mobile app for tablets and expanded administration tools for greater control & auditing.

No agent installation is required on any personal or corporate devices. Users only need any HTML5 browser-capable device and an internet connection.

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Simplified Mobility

Awingu delivers IT services in a new way: Users work and collaborate from one online workspace, using any HTML5 browser-capable device, and can access any application, anywhere.

It leverages the latest web technology and works with any cloud service or infrastructure.

Legacy on any Device

File and app sharing is easy as sending an URL to allow user access and real-time editing. No plug-in is required on the end user device for hassle-free collaboration.

No data footprint is ever left behind and all confidential files remain safe and secure on premise or in the cloud.

Unique Collaboration

Mobilize all company applications without making any changes to existing software or backend infrastructure. Awingu connects to any application independent of where it runs: for example SaaS, such as Office 365, or legacy applications such as AS400.


Awingu is a safe and simple way to implement BYOD. It’s SSL-encrypted, offers two-factor authentication and is auditable. All IT assets remain centrally managed and secure, and no agent installation is required on any personal or corporate devices.

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