One Workspace.

Any Device. Anywhere.

Web-based Workspace aggregator

All your documents & apps in one place

No installation, no configuration. You just need a browser

Works with any device, any OS, any recent browser. Easy & simple

No data saved on the device. 100% secure

Best Price / Quality ratio

One Workspace.
Any Device. Anywhere.

Our way of working has changed significantly over the past few years: people have an increasing desire to work from anywhere, anytime and from any device. But sadly, our workspaces and ICT tools haven’t evolved at the same pace. We are still very much device- and geographically dependent, and traditional mobility solutions are often too complex for its users.


Awingu’s central workplace offers a concrete solution to this growing Mobility and ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) trends. Awingu is a web-based platform, where you easily gain access to all your files, applications, and software. Best of all, you can connect from any device, operation system or browser, from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need? An internet-connection!


Awingu’s user-friendliness is key for an easy and fast deployment of the platform. You won’t have to install nor configure a thing! The licensing scheme remains simple and the affordable pricing offers an unseen price/quality ratio on the market. Moreover, Awingu offers a 100% secure solution, avoiding remainders of local data footprint on the devices, and including additional features such as control and audit. It’s a simple solution invented and built by “mobile natives”, supported and distributed by a strong network of Certified Partners and System Integrators.


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Your IT team will enjoy Awingu's simple approach just as much: it is the only all-access workspace that can be deployed out-of-the-box in just 1 day.

It is simple to manage, maintain and control. It has an intuitive admin console, offering extensive usage insights and auditing tools. Managing full access workspaces was never this easy.

Always On

We use the web. This means there is no client software installation, no maintenance or no configuration.

And it enables geolocalisation and superb video-viewing quality. This is how the connected generation wants to work: nimble, fast and easy.

Safety First

Awingu keeps everything safe where you want it: password protected, controlled and auditable.

The choice is yours to use your device merely as a portal and avoid any data footprint on the client device itself. That way, confidential data and high-value intellectual property is available anywhere while being kept safe inside the company. No more IT security nightmares, ever.

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