A perfect solution for ISV’s transformation into a SaaS model

by Awingu
5/19/2016 10:16:21 AM


B Rekencentra develops cargo and freight software for the transport & logistics industry. Implementing their software into the customer workflow, is a heavy task. Therefore, they have the need to have a cloud-based solution which they can propose to smaller clients or for demonstration and testing purposes. Awingu fits the bill perfectly.


Facilitate deployment and usage of their software: B Rekencentra can now host its software in a public cloud and leverage Awingu to provide end-user access via a simple Browser

No local installation, no VPN: before Awingu, prospects needed to install the software locally, or B Rekencentra had to work with VPN’s, adding a lot of complexity to the process

Demo platform enables selling: B Rekencentra set up a demo platform in their public cloud and used Awingu to give prospects easy access via their browser

Reduced support workload: 100% browser based solution reduces support tickets and installation workload (e.g. local network and firewall configuration)

What they say
Awingu is used to give demonstrations to current and potential customers. One of our potential customers, was convinced after a demo with Awingu.
The great advantage of Awingu over its competitors is that we do not require from potential customers any changes in their network or firewall.