Deal Registration


  • The Deal Registration is only applicable for Deal Registrations by Certified and Premium Certified Awingu partners

  • All fields of the Deal Registration form need to be completed

  • After completion and submission, Awingu will cross check the info and qualify the Deal Registration

  • Once approved (or not), you will receive a confirmation by email, within 5 working days after submission

  • In case the same opportunity was already registered by another partner, Awingu will inform you about this

  • The Deal Registration is not valid for cases subject of, or related to, a public announced tender (or RFP)

  • The Deal Registration opportunity can only be valid in case of an active engagement of Reseller with the named Customer

  • The Deal Registration discount can only be obtained by the reseller who registered the deal first and who finally also won the deal 

  • Registered deals expire 90 days after the confirmed approval date. 

  • The same deal can only be re-issued one time, after expiry 

  • Projects for which another Special Price Agreement or any other benefit is already in place are not eligible to additional DR discounts 

  • The Deal Registration must concern a new deal with a new customer OR a new project with an existing customer 

  • The Deal Registration can be claimed at Awingu based on Partner invoice to Awingu, included a copy of the distributor invoice towards the reseller containing the Awingu products and pricing

  • The Deal Registration is maximum 5% of the purchase value of Awingu products from distributor to reseller Awingu will pay the invoice directly towards reseller on a 30-day payment term