Increased efficiency for the Public Centre of Social Welfare Boortmeerbeek

by Awingu
5/31/2016 8:35:59 AM


Boortmeerbeek is a town in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. Their Public Centre for Social Welfare adopted Awingu to enable remote working.


  • Increased productivity: Awingu facilitates mobile working 
  • Any device: users access all applications on their devices - laptop, desktop, tablet & even smartphone - via Awingu
  • Easy of use: No need to install any local agents, software,... just go to the browser. Log in. Start working.
  • Secure: all data remains in the datacenter of the Public Centre and users login with strong authentication


What they say

"One of the major advantages of Awingu is that it is user-friendly"

"As users log on to the Public Centre's network with their password, all confidential data remains in the organization"

"People can spend their time efficiently when they are in an external location"