Let Awingu take care of your journey to SaaS!

Today with cloud computing, every segment of the technology industry is changed dramatically and ISVs are no exception. Not so long ago, buying software involved a high one-off purchase cost for a solution that you could install on your local computer or server. With more companies preferring to use SaaS applications rather than deal with the time and expense of implementing and maintaining on-premise software, ISV`s are transitioning from an old model of packaged software to SaaS. SaaS comes with added value, it`s browser based and constantly evolving.

Key challenges for ISV's moving to the SaaS model:

  • application development
  • operation and support
  • new sales model and subscriptions
  • billing and cash flow management
We know your business and we understand how legacy applications need to be transitioned into a Software as a Service model. With Awingu you get all the features to make this journey easy and simple:
  • no code change needed
  • multi-tenant
  • customizable
  • runs in any cloud

9/1/2016 by Awingu