Nextel adopts Awingu to drive mobility

by Awingu
12/21/2016 12:11:55 PM


Nextel is an ICT player in the BeNeLux. With 200 out of 300 ‘mobile workers’, mobility was a core need. Nextel adopted Awingu as an alternative to classic VPN’s to facilitate access to core applications and data to these mobile workers.


Easy to use: Easy access via a simple browser on any device to core Nextel applications; and this for field engineers, sales as for ‘teleworkers’

Secure: Full audit of usage available out-of-the-box, and Awingu is deployed in the Nextel’s controlled datacenter

Easy to manage: Easy to setup, no need to configure and manage complex VPN’s, no need to install clients on end-devices, etc.


What they say

“Awingu is one of our important mobility and efficiency solutions”

“Awingu offers me a lot of benefits as IT professional: One of these advantages is that I don’t need to configure or manage complex VPN’s, nor install clients on end-devices. You only need to give a URL, and people can start.”

“When an employee’s PC is broken or lost, he/she can just pick-up another device and continue working without loss of data”