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Awingu Features

A solution for legacy applications

Do you struggle with company-critical applications that are not compatible with the Cloud-Era?
We mobilize legacy applications and allow access on a wide range of devices using a browser.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Once logged into Awingu, you won’t have to re-authenticate in any of the applications linked to your personal workspace. This means Awingu acts as an “Identity Provider” (IDP). We have out-of-the-box connectors with popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Salesforce, Dropbox and many more.

Furthermore, we have integrations with Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory which enable you to easily extend the Single-Sign-On to over 5000 applications.

Of course, by default you will have a single-sing-on into legacy applications. Want more? Drop us an email at product@awingu.com if you wish to add other SaaS.

Awingu Features
Awingu Features

Web-based file browser

Get access to your company shared drive, SharePoint and Office 365 OneDrive via your browser.
Our Web-based file manager provides a unified view across all drives, it supports all common file/folder operations, and offers drag-and-drop functionality, file sharing and breadcrumb navigation


The unified workspace can be customized to exhibit your company look and feel, such as your company logo, login screen, background color, color of the Awingu ‘polygon’, etc.

Awingu Features
Awingu Features

Native tablet apps

Upon request of our customers, we created a mobile app for Android tablets.It to gives end-users a quick and familiar shortcut, while below the hood we simply leverage the browser. Our Android App is also part of “Android for Work”, so you can easily provision the Awingu app for all your users. You can obviously continue to work via the browser on any platform, without having to install any Native Mobile App.

Advanced usage reporting

Not only can you get access to applications. Awingu can also give usage insights, including geo-localization (country based). This is an ideal tool to setup your internal ISO certification and to further optimize application license costs. The insights will cover all applications which are "aggregated" in Awingu.

Awingu Features