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33% of Belgian companies allow bring your own device (byod), says recent study

In a recent study commissioned by BELTUG, Proximus, Orange, and Telenet, a research company GfK analyzed trends in the Belgian B2B ICT industry. In this section, we’re highlighting some interesting results in the mobility space.

The results clearly show mobile working and BYOD are starting to be a fact in Belgium, even if there is still a lot of room for improvement in adoption, experience, and security. No wonder over 1/3 of Belgian companies (35%) intend to increase their IT security spending in 2017.

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Belgian IT managers are playing into a global trend of ‘Bring your Own Device’  (BYOD): 33% of companies allows and enables BYOD. Yet, it also comes with concerns on security and data confidentiality. In 2017, IT security budgets are growing for 35% of businesses,” says Danielle Jacobs, GM BELTUG

The study confirms the need for solutions that enable secure, flexible and cost efficient mobile working. While we see classic “VPN” technologies to be the default solution for remote working in a lot of cases, it clearly comes with a lot of disadvantages:

• Devices (i.e. laptops) are typically loaded locally with a lot of confidential data; if the device is stolen or lost… there is a high risk for any company to see it’s data compromised.

• VPN’s need to be managed and supported. In a lot of cases, they are the sole cause of IT helpdesk overloads.

• VPN’s are typically only supported on company owned and managed devices. This means they are rarely enabled for ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) machines.

• Where BYOD is ‘allowed’, it is typically limited to email/calendar access and often even only on a predefined set of devices (e.g. Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Android devices). Often, BYOD will be combined with the adoption of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, giving the employer a footprint on the employee’s private device.

At Awingu, we aim to give the best of all worlds. A secure solution that is easy to support and maintain for the IT department, and for the employee, a flexible, intuitive solution that truly works on any device, anywhere.

About this study: It is operated by GfK and is based on 1540 interviews across all company sizes and verticals in Belgium. The findings shown above are concentrated around companies with over 200 employees. Find the summary here. BELTUG members will get access to the full report at the end of February.

Awingu is a proud member of BELTUG.

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