On May 9th, Awingu organizes the Digital Workplace Summit 2019 in the Ghelamco Arena (Ghent, Belgium). The event is completely free of charge and includes are reception and dinner, but places are limited and registrations are coming in at a high rate. Here are five reasons why you should attend!


[ 1 ] Work is no longer a place – the need for a digital workplace

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said so himself back in 2015:work is no longer a place you go to.’ As a company, you are confronted with the need for digital innovation on a day to day basis: your workforce is slowly but surely transforming into one that feels the need to be able to work from anywhere. The time where you clock in at the office at 9 and leave at 5 is over, and a shift in working mentality is happening all around the globe. Therefore, it is quintessential that you empower your business and your employees to take the step towards a location-agnostic approach and enable the possibility to work from home or on the road as if you were at the office.

The change that work is going through is steered, for the most part, by technological advancement. Tools to enable remote access have been at our disposal for years – maybe even decades – but fully-fledged digital workplaces are only at the dawn of their popularity, and it is more than likely that they will be the game changers of the upcoming years. A digital workplace Is more than the ability to access a file or use an application on a device that isn’t company-managed and connected to the company network. It is more than a digital toolbox but is, in fact, the portable office of any employee. A cloud-based digital workplace is the equivalent of having your office desk in your pocket or suitcase at any time of the day, on any device.

[ 2 ] Meet industry thought leaders: the what?

At the Digital Workplace Summit, we have invited a variety of speakers that have worked with the concept of digital workplaces for years. Aside from that, we have also invited people from various industries that will talk about the practical usage and benefits of digital workplaces.

Geert Goethals
CIO, Proximus

Panel member: “The State of the Digital Workplace Market

Patrick Viaene
Modern Workplace Lead, Microsoft

Panel member: “The State of the Digital Workplace Market”

Michel De Coster
Experienced executive leader

“Beyond the ‘Digital’ of the Workplace”

Walter Van Uytven
CEO, Awingu

Introduction & closing talk

Patrick Steenssens
Managing Director Benelux, Tech Data

Panel member: “The State of the Digital Workplace Market”

[ 3 ] Business perspective: the why?

As a business person, you must know that there is a continuously growing demand for digital workplaces that allow more flexibility, mobility, productivity, and time-efficiency. Securing device-agnostic access to all of your business processes is one of the key drivers of getting ahead of your competitors. We’ll let a variety of experts talk about that why of the digital workplace, including:

Stuart Jackson
Director Solution Architecture, BlackBerry

“What is the New BlackBerry?”

Michael Joffe
Public Cloud Architect, Barracuda

“How to Secure the Digital Workplace”

Benny Jacobs
Program Manager Digitization, Belgian Federal Police

“Digital Transformation for Police Zones”

[ 4 ] Technical perspective: the how?

Digital Innovation is more than a buzzword: it requires actual installations and maintenance. As we welcome many IT profiles at our summit, we want to make sure that they get their fair share of technical details. Installing a digital workplace is not just something conceptual, and we’d like to get you on track with the how of digital workplaces – as presented by the following speakers:

Kurt Gielen
ICT Operations Manager, Oost-Limburg Hospital

“Mobile and Remote Working in Healthcare”

Steven Dewinter
Chief Operation Officer, Awingu

“Awingu for Techies: Experiencing the Workspace”

Arnaud Marliere
Chief Marketing Officer, Awingu

“The Future of Awingu’s Workspace: a Sneak Peek”

[ 5 ] Networking

Last but not least, any technology summit is a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and network with a drink or bite in one hand and a business card in the other. You will have the opportunity to talk to your digital workplace-minded peers over a walking dinner and at the reception.


Want to find out more and see Awingu in action? Reach out to us!

About the author
Karel Van Ooteghem
Marketing Manager