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Awingu updates core components in version 5.1

Ghent, April 27th, 2021 – Starting late April 2021, Awingu rolls out version 5.1 of its digital workspace. As in every version, Awingu’s security components under the hood are ugraded and patched – but in 5.1 specifically, most important core components have been worked on to maintain a high level of security.

We advise our customers to update their Awingu appliance to this latest version to ensure the utmost security for their users and IT systems. As Awingu versions below 5.0 are no longer supported, we specifically call out for appliances running Awingu 3.x or 4.x to upgrade their system. Upgrades are available for all customers that have eligible maintenance & support (customers with an annual subscription and customers with perpetual licensing under a M&S or CSP agreement).

Upgrading to the latest version is easy, and happens with a single mouse click. Forgot how? Check our tutorial. For support and knowledge base, please refer to

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