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Awingu 5.2. – newest version enhances security and UX

September 28, Ghent (Belgium) – Awingu announces the launch of version 5.2. This release will be rolled out to all Awingu customers that are under valid “maintenance and support” in the upcoming weeks.

Included in this release:

    • Integration possibility with OPSWAT’s MetaAccess. MetaAccess is an agent that can be installed on endpoints, and which can review the compliance of that endpoint (e.g. Windows laptop) to a predefined set of standards (e.g. anti-virus up-and-running, OS version, etc.). MetaAccess can be used as a condition for authentication into Awingu.
    • Keyboard enhancements: Improvements in copy-paste behavior, improved behavior for Windows ‘touch’ devices, and possibility to leverage RDP shortcut and key combinations (e.g. using “Alt + Page UP/DOWN” as alternative to “Alt+Tab”)
    • Single User Session: As of Awingu 5.2, a user will only be able to consume one single user session. This means that the same user will not be able to login and access his Awingu environment from 2 or more devices or browsers at the same time.
    • Identity provider logout: When logging out of Awingu, users will now also do a logout from their Identity provider (IdP) in case an external IdP is in use – and vice versa.
    • The Awingu workspace front-end has been migrated from AngularJS to Angular. As of end of 2021, Google stops supporting the former. Angular will furthermore enable a better performance.

For more information about Awingu 5.2, please consult the latest admin guide.

Upgrading to the latest version is easy and happens with a single mouse click. Forgot how? Check our tutorial. For support and knowledge base, please refer to

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