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6 reasons why partners choose Awingu

As a company with an extensive network of partners, we are very proud of our channel-driven model. Partners are at the core and the heart of our business. We have different categories of partners engaging with us today, from System integrators, resellers, Service Providers, Telco’s, CRM and ERP specialists to ISV’s. With each one, we strive to build a strong relationship that will benefit both sides in long term.

Our partners maybe have different profiles and special requirements, but we have many aces up our sleeve that can be perfect answers to many questions our partners ask before entering a partnership.

If we sum up the most important reasons why partners choose Awingu, they actually tell a lot about the pure basics our solution and company runs on.

1/ We focus on long-term partnership built on mutual trust, without channel conflicts.

“Awingu has proven to be a reliable business partner in whom we can trust. Just like Prosol Ingenieria, they focus on building long-term relationships.” (Rafael Arroyo, Deputy General Manager, Prosol Ingeniería S.L., Spain)

2/ We let you keep control over the technical deployment.

“Finally, a solution that retains existing infrastructure and runs legacy applications in a browser.” (Ronny Hartzell, CEO, Toolbox, Sweden)

3/ We help you maximize margins and minimize time-to-market.

“Thanks to Awingu we can quickly and cost-effectively deploy the mobile workplace of the future to our customers without extra complexity.” (Jochen Maertens, Founder and MD, Synergics, Belgium)

4/ We bring you innovation.

“It is a cutting-edge technology for us. When we are talking to customers as part of our Windows 10 migration, we are positioning Awingu as a platform for any legacy application that they may have that does not fit in the traditional Windows 10 or Windows 2016 environment.” (Shrikar Shah, Director, Altiatech, UK)

5/ Wrapped in simplicity.

“The most impressive feature of Awingu’s solution is simplicity. Deploy and configuration is really fast and management is very easy. This allows you to immediately understand and benefit from the features of the product without adding management costs to IT staff.” (Matteo Marzocchini, Systems Integration Division Director, Errevi System, Italy)

6/ We help you transition your business to the Cloud.

“Awingu provides a seamless transition for our Windows client applications to move to a SaaS-based Cloud solution. The simplicity is the key.” (Jason LeBlanc, SaaS Product Manager, Peloton, Canada)

Interested in becoming an Awingu certified partner? Contact us and let’s see together how you can improve your business.


6 reasons why partners choose Awingu
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