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7 reasons why customers choose Awingu

Today almost every business is challenged by fast pace changes in the tech world. Surely, no one wants to stay behind. We are proud to help our customers in their journey towards digitalization and innovation, whether in securing data, enabling mobility or increasing cost-efficiency. At the end of the day, Awingu only has a reason of existence if our customers are satisfied. We strive to make your work simpler and your life easier.

Here are 7 reasons why our customers choose Awingu (and you should too!)

1/ You are mobile, so why would IT stay at your desk?

“Our people can now instantly check on the premises or a vehicle, for example, violates or is signaled. Previously, they had to sit for it behind their PC.” (Marc Alen, National Coach telematics, Belgian federal police)

2/ Get up and running in just a few hours.

“The biggest surprise for me was that the application was already fully functional after two hours.” (Dimitri Lefevre, Head of ICT Department, Municipality Knokke-Heist)

3/ It’s intuitive and easy for end-users.

“One of the major advantages of Awingu is that it is user-friendly.” (Geert Volkaerts, Manager HR and services, OCMW Boortmeerbeek)

4/ Access your work on any device.

“When an employee’s PC is broken or lost, he/she can just pick-up another device and continue working without loss of data.” (Michel De Koninck, ICT Product Expert, Nextel)

5/ Give a makeover to those outdated applications.

“Awingu allows us to run our application via the internet while it was not developed to do so originally.” (Renaud Ziegler, CEO, Infodidac)

6/ Decrease your IT costs by using just one platform.

“Awingu was really cost-effective and will help us save a significant amount of money.” (Amy Freeman, CIO, Mid Chesire Hospitals)

7/ Don’t stress over the security of your data. Ever again.

“We chose Awingu because no local data is stored on the device and we are working with highly confidential medical data”.  (Kim Buts, System Engineer, Hospital Imelda Bonheiden)

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