Corel (now Alludo) Acquires Awingu to Accelerate Its Secure Remote Workspace Offering. Read more

Demystifying RDP pt.2: Understanding Microsoft’s RDS & VDI licensing

In this blog post, we’ll try to put some structure in RDS and VDI licensing and explain some of the main concepts and options. Just to be sure: by no means will this be a complete reference. Yes, even in this 2000+ words post, we will (need to) cut some corners.

Demystifying RDP pt.1: Understanding RDP, VDI & RDS

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol has been around for 20 years, but even avid users still only have a vague understanding of the concept and its applications. In the Demystifying RDP series, we try to cover the basics.

FSLogix is now included in your RDS license, and that is great for your users


Back in November 2018, Microsoft announced acquiring FSLogix. The acquisition should be seen in the context of the WVD launch, and as a continuous effort to improve the adoption of Office 365.

Run Microsoft Teams online with Awingu: MS Teams Web is now a full alternative to the desktop client version

Awingu support voice and video calling through Microsoft Teams with the new ‘Teams Web Client’. Users securely authenticate into their Awingu workspace on the browser and have Single Sign On access to Teams Online.

Office 365 now also supported for Windows Server 2019

On July 1st, 2019 Microsoft announced it will support running Office 365 ProPlus on Windows Server 2019.

Microsoft announces Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD/WVD): why should we and you care?

what is wvd windows virtual desktop

On March 21st, 2019, Microsoft announced the public beta release of ‘WVD’ – “Windows Virtual Desktop” in full. It’s kind of a big thing for Microsoft, and perhaps for the entire industry. In this blog post, we’ll give insight into what WVD is, and what it isn’t. Furthermore, let’s take a look at how it… Continue reading Microsoft announces Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD/WVD): why should we and you care?

Awingu and Aljammaz Cloud sign distribution agreement for Middle East markets

Awingu provides AlJammaz Cloud with Unified Workspace platform, unlocks secure mobile working on any device, enhances hybrid cloud infrastructure deployments.

Awingu introduces version 4.2

June 11th, 2019, Ghent (Belgium). Awingu is excited to introduce version 4.2 of its Unified Workspace platform. Similar to previous versions, Awingu 4.2 will bring enhancement in four pillars.

Using Chromebooks as a thin client with Awingu

Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular in business as a secure and cheap alternative to fully-fledged laptops on the one hand and alternative thin clients on the other. Awingu makes it possible to run – amongst others – your legacy business applications on this device.

New RDP vulnerability found – Microsoft urges users to patch wormable RDP flaw ASAP

worm blog

Microsoft has fixed a critical vulnerability in some versions of Windows that can be exploited to create a powerful worm. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-0708, is located in Remote Desktop Services. Because the risk and vulnerability are “that” high, Microsoft even released patches for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, even it these platforms are out of support for year (even if still used).

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