Corel Acquires Awingu to Accelerate Its Secure Remote Workspace Offering. Read more

Latest version of Blackberry Access enhances Awingu integration

BlackBerry Access enhances Awingu integration

In April 2019, BlackBerry released an update of its BlackBerry® Access™ secure and managed browser, which includes interesting and cool Awingu Single Sign-on and quick launch features.

Securing the workspace with Awingu & Barracuda

When Awingu announced its partnership with Barracuda, we were aiming at creating a secure workspace environment that enables flexibility, mobility, BYOD, cloud, and much more.

Hackers hijack company servers through telework login data

Hackers hijack company servers through telework login data

On Saturday, Feb 16th, 2019, ‘De Standaard’ reports on the investigation for the (Belgian) Federal Department of Justice. Together with the US and Ukraine, they closed down “xDedic”, a website selling logins and passwords of compromised servers around the world. Until 2016, the website was publicly available. When it started to get attention from different criminal investigations, they moved to the Darknet.

Awingu enters global ISV partnership with Blackberry

bb blog

This article was featured in Belgian financial newspaper De Tijd and ICT e-magazine Computable. You can also read an interview about this partnership with CMO Arnaud Marlière in Channelbuzz. Ghent (Belgium), November 7th 2018 – Awingu today announced it has entered into a global ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partnership with BlackBerry that includes joint go-to-market… Continue reading Awingu enters global ISV partnership with Blackberry

Awingu introduces version 4.1

Awingu 4.1

Oct 31st, 2018. Awingu is excited to announce the go-live of Awingu 4.1. Similar to previous releases, Awingu 4.1 will bring enhancements in 4 pillars: Improvements to the end-user UX Extension of aggregation and IDP (Identity Provider) capabilities Enhancements in the security & compliancy (audit) space Improvements to the platform foundations

Copaco expands 2tcloud portfolio with Awingu-as-a-service


Copaco was the first distributor to add Awingu-as-a-Service to its 2tCloud portfolio. Awingu is a complete online workplace that is accessible via the Internet. It is a quickly deployable and cheaper alternative to often more expensive classic Virtual Desktop Solutions. That makes it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Why a login and password aren’t enough

why a password and login aren't enough

Did you just buy something online via a new e-commerce shop? Or maybe you tried an online service for photo manipulation? The explosion of services on the internet has been a game changer for over 4 billion people on Earth, and it keeps growing rapidly. But each of these services as a simple question: please… Continue reading Why a login and password aren’t enough

ADN is newest Awingu value-add distributor in DACH

ADN value-add distributor

We’re happy to announce that ADN is the newest value-added distributor for Awingu in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria! For AND, the technology partnership of Awingu with (among others) Microsoft Azure, as well as our multi-tenancy capability, now provides their partners that previously shied away from the complexity and cost of current solutions available on the… Continue reading ADN is newest Awingu value-add distributor in DACH

I forgot my laptop… No problem!

Forgot laptop, no problem!

Whereas in any other situation, I would have to drive the whole way back to collect my laptop, at the Awingu office I could just take one of the Google Chromebooks laying around in the office. It was like the incident didn’t happen at all! Sure, I missed my Apple MacBook Pro, but all my apps and files were available through our Awingu portal. I just needed to get used to the QWERTY keyboard (my MacBook has an AZERTY keyboard).

5 tips to achieve minimum security for FTP

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