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Awingu in 2019

The new decade is almost upon us, and we’re excited for what the future has in store for Awingu! Times like these also allow us to look back at what we have achieved, how our unified workspace evolved, how our company changed and how the market is evolving. We’ve carefully selected a handful of our over 35 blog posts of the past year to reflect on the past twelve months: these are our highlights of 2019!


In respectively June and December of this year, we released Awingu version 4.2 and 4.3. As with every release, we kept true to the core philosophy of our product and focused on developing a workspace that aggregates all your existing IT assets with simplicity, an easy and straightforward user experience and security as top priorities.

Awingu 4.2 focused on improving the UX, extending aggregation capabilities, enhancing security and compliance and improving our platform foundations. That included (but was definitely not limited to) enabling direct links to applications, RDP session merging, additional file and session sharing capabilities, admin-triggered session takeovers, the possibility to use time-based passwords and pre-authentication with an external IDP. Check out our blog post or feature overview video to find out more!

With Awingu 4.3, we’ve added the possibility to fully leverage an external Identity provider such as Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, ADFS or Google Identity. Next to that, we also introduced multi-monitor support and the possibility to hide the Awingu polygon. Read our blog post or check out the feature overview video to learn everything you need to know about this release!


2019 was the year where we launched our very first (of many to come) Digital Workplace Summits. On May 9th and November 5th, we welcomed you in respectively Ghent (Belgium) and Milan (Italy) for a day full of learning about new technologies that enable you and your employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device. As highlighted in our reasons to attend, work is no longer a place:

The change that work is going through is steered, for the most part, by technological advancement. Tools to enable remote access have been at our disposal for years – maybe even decades – but fully-fledged digital workplaces are only at the dawn of their popularity, and it is more than likely that they will be the game changers of the upcoming years. A digital workplace Is more than the ability to access a file or use an application on a device that isn’t company-managed and connected to the company network. It is more than a digital toolbox but is, in fact, the portable office of any employee. A cloud-based digital workplace is the equivalent of having your office desk in your pocket or suitcase at any time of the day, on any device.

We were happy to welcome a wide variety of speakers, whose talks can be categorized in three main categories:

  • The ‘what?’, with industry thought leaders such as Geert Goethals (CIO, Proximus), Patrick Viaene (Modern Workplace Lead, Microsoft), Michel De Coster (Experienced executive leader), Patrick Steenssens (Managing Director Benelux, Tech Data), Luba Manolova (Senior Business Group Lead Modern Workplace, Microsoft) and Silvia Zagaria (Software Division Manager, Tech Data)
  • The ‘why?’, with business experts like Stuart Jackson (Director Solution Architecture, BlackBerry), Michael Joffe (Public Cloud Architect, Barracuda), Alessandro Invernizzi (President, Lurisia) and Benny Jacobs (Program Manager Digitization, Belgian Federal Police).
  • The ‘how?’ with hands-on expert talks from Awingurus such as Kurt Gielen (ICT Operations Manager, Oost-Limburg Hospital), Andrea Mariotti (System Engineer, Go2Tec), Lorenzo Marotta (Technical Management, Repower), Sergio Casagrande (Responsabile Sistemi Informativi, Villa Berica S.p.A.), Luca Bidolli (IT Manager, Acquedotto del Fiora) and Cristiano Corneli (Head of IT Services, BayKer – Iperceramica).

Check out our landing pages for #DWSGhent and #DWSMilan to watch our aftermovies and interviews with a portion of our speakers!


This year was one where we engaged in many partnerships, either by forming new alliances with meaningful and strategic stakeholders in the IT landscape or by solidifying the engagements we already had.

  • In July, we announced our distribution agreement with the Middle East’s leading cloud distributor AlJammaz Cloud, which helps us cover ground in that region. “We are always looking for disruptive cloud technologies and Unified Workspace Solution are ranking high on our Partners’ agenda. We are convinced that Awingu will add significant value to our Partners’ Product and Solutions Offering”, says Asim Saud AlJammaz (CEO). Read the press release.
  • Ready Informatica, the Italian distributor and added value leader in virtualization, storage and IT security solutions, has signed an agreement with Awingu for the distribution of its Unified Workspace solution in September of this year. Read the press release.
  • Cevi/Logins and Awingu enter a partnership to bring new Cevi/Logins Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to the market for Flemish local governments. They will replace Citrix with Awingu. In addition to its SaaS offering, Cevi/Logins will also use Awingu internally. Read more!
  • 2019 was a strong year for the Awingu & BlackBerry global partnership, as illustrated by the integration of Awingu in the BlackBerry Access browser in May of this year. Furthermore, Awingu was also present(ing) at quite a few BlackBerry World Tour events – check out the testimonial video (with Awingu CEO Walter Van Uytven and BlackBerry CMO Mark Wilson) about the partnership we presented at those events here. As we were awarded the 2019 ISV Execution Award by BlackBerry in October, we are eager to continue strengthening each other in 2020!


Awingu is being used by companies all over the world and covers a wide array of use cases. This year, we have released a small dozen of Awingu testimonials and reference cases. Click on the logo’s below to read them!

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In 2019, our goal was not only to inform you about the need of a unified workspace such as Awingu, but also to provide insights into understanding the more technical realm of this matter – be it either in setting up the right prerequisites, understanding licensing models or making use of the correct tools to optimize your setup. Therefore, we’ve written a multitude of blog posts talking about, among others:

For now, we wish you happy holidays and a fruitful 2020. If you would like to kickstart your decade and grasp the future of work with both hands by enabling your employees to work securely from anywhere on any device – look no further and start your free trial today or contact us for more information!

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