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Awingu in 2021 – A year in review

2021 was an exciting year for Awingu! Let’s take the opportunity to look at what happened in the past 12 months: from how our unified workspace evolved and how we’ve engaged with partners and customers to thought leadership pieces and how the market is evolving. We’ve carefully selected a handful of blog posts of the past year to reflect on the past twelve months.

Improving the workspace: Awingu 5.1 & 5.2

In respectively April and October, we announced the launch of Awingu 5.1 and 5.2. As with every release, the Awingu workspace keeps loyal to its ‘simplicity’ strengths while making steps as a Zero-Trust-Grade security solution.

As in every version, Awingu’s security components under the hood are ugraded and patched – but in Awingu 5.1 specifically, most important core components have been worked on to maintain a high level of security.

With Awingu 5.2, we extended the Unified Workplace’s Zero Trust perimeter with two new partnerships: OPSWAT and Idenprotect. Find out more about these meaningful partnerships below!

Right after the zero-day exploit in the popular Apache Foundation Java logging library Log4j (v2) was discovered that results in Remote Code Execution (RCE) by logging a certain string (catalogued as CVE-2021-44228), we’ve immediately released maintenance release Awingu 5.2.4 which specifically addressed the exploit. Important to note is that the risk and impact of the exploit is assessed as being low by our team.

Real Awingurus will also be happy to know that we’ve completely remade our Awingu Technical Sessions, in which our COO Steven Dewinter sets up an Awingu environment step for step.

Awingu as a thought leader

Our goal is not only to inform you about the need of a unified workspace such as Awingu, but also to provide insights into technical (e.g. deep-dives into technological concepts and/or solutions) and less technical (e.g. the HR focus of remote working or cost-saving methods) topics.

Cover of the Awingu Whitepaper about securing RDP
In the Above and Beyond RDP white paper we issued this year, we discuss what the Remote Desktop Protocol is, how it’s used and what its typical pitfalls are – and how Awingu can add multiple security, aggregation and collaboration layers on top.
ZT whitepaper v1.6

Awingu and Zero Trust go hand in hand. At least, that’s what Dr. Chase “ZT” Cunningham says. In his Zero Trust: What, Why and How white paper, he outlines the basic tenets of the ZT philosophy, why you should adhere adhere to them and how Awingu fits in a Zero Trust strategy like a glove.

Not only were we present in an array of podcasts (such as EUCDigest and Something Something Cyber), we’ve also made our own.

AwinguruTalks is a podcast and video blog in which we talk to technology thought leaders, experts and decision-makers. In it, we explore a wide variety of topics – including the current state and future of enterprise technology, IT security and remote working. This year, we’ve extended our AwinguruTalks line-up – and how! Click on the portrait below to see or read the episode.

Brian Foster

Awingu advisory board member
Former Chief Product at MobileIron

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Author, security and Zero Trust expert

Jan De Schepper

Member of the Awingu advisory board
Author and top executive

Jas Cartwright

Head of Digital Innovation Strategy, Worcestershire NHS Trust

Awingu announces Marc Van Uytven, a seasoned executive in the healthcare space, to join Awingu as a topic expert and advisor. Already today, Awingu counts many healthcare providers amongst its customers. Marc will help Awingu increase its strategic position in the industry. Learn more!

A wide variety of customer success stories

Awingu is being used by companies all over the world and covers a wide array of use cases. This year, we have released more than a dozen of Awingu testimonials and reference cases. Click on the logo’s below to read their stories!

Meaningful partnerships

This year was one where we engaged in many partnerships, either by forming new alliances with meaningful and strategic stakeholders in the IT landscape or by solidifying the engagements we already had.


With Awingu 5.2, we extend MFA options with Idenprotect, a password-free authentication, single sign-on and access platform. Users can enroll and install the Idenprotect app on their smart device, and simply and securely login to the Awingu workspace using biometric sensors on the smart device. As always, after authenticating users can log in through their browser from any device, anywhere.


Awingu and OPSWAT enter into a technology partnership. Businesses can leverage the MetaAccess solution on top of Awingu to guarantee compliance of their end-points. Where Awingu as a default runs in the browser ‘on any device’, it is hard to restrict access to specific endpoints or the context of those endpoints. That is where partner solutions such as OPSWAT MetaAccess come into play. MetaAccess is both a central admin platform (on-premise or in the cloud) and a local agent that can be installed on your endpoint.


MCR, distributor in the Spanish technology market, now offers their channel a complete ecosystem of enterprise solutions after signing a distribution agreement for Spain with Awingu.


Inetum-Realdolmen was pleased to announce its partnership with Awingu earlier this year. This collaboration fully fits into their solutions around location independent working through innovative digital technologies. Awingu’s digital workplace is now an integral part of that portfolio.


Ingram Micro BeLux and Awingu are strengthening their existing relationship and activities in the BeLux market. As of 2021, Ingram Micro makes a clear choice for Awingu in the ‘End-User Computing’ and ‘Unified Workspace’ domain.


In 2021, we announces that we’re entering into a partnership with Symphony Solutions, a leading cyber security and mobility Value-Added Distributor based in Israel. Awingu will join a very select group of vendors in the Symphony Solutions portfolio.


Awingu’s Unified Workspace technology turned out to be a perfect fit for the Swiss ICT Group EYRA – more specifically, that of the EYRA Cloud Business Unit, which focused on secure solutions around location-independent working through innovative digital technologies.

We got ISO 27001-certified!

As of March 2021, Awingu is ISO 27001 certified. With this certification, our company proves that its IT security processes are carefully regulated. The ISO certification is a positive message for Awingu as a company, but for our partners and customers as well: it confirms that we maintain an airtight lock on our (internal) and your (as a transacting party) data.

Did you know that Awingu can help your company on its way towards ISO 27k1? Learn more!

For now, we wish you happy holidays and a great and fruitful 2022. If you would like to kickstart your year and grasp the future of work with both hands by enabling your employees to work securely from anywhere on any device – look no further and start your free trial today or contact us for more information!

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