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Awingu introduces the next generation of end-user computing with Awingu 4.0

May 2nd, 2018, Ghent – Today, Awingu announces the launch of Awingu 4.0. This is the first major release in over 2 years time. Awingu 4.0 confirms a focus on an easy-to-use, secure and browser-based workspace solution. At the same time, Awingu picks up on its roots as a workspace aggregator, increasing the number of sources that can be aggregated – truly the next generation of end-user computing.

“The introduction of Awingu 4.0 is a big deal for us, our partners and our customers. It’s foundational for our vision in unified workspaces and end-user computing”, says Walter Van Uytven (CEO Awingu). This foundation is built on some core beliefs: workspace solutions need to be simple to use, simple to setup and simple to administer. They need to be non-intrusive and built on the core components which are already in place. This, while offering a turnkey solution with the required flexibility, support and control to enable a rapid digital transformation. Finally, workspace solutions need to enable and elevate the level of security and compliancy of businesses, without limiting flexibility and ease-of-use.

On a feature level, Awingu 4.0 will mainly bring additions in 3 core pillars:

  1. User Experience: A new way of navigating is introduced with a collapsible navigation bar at the left side of the screen, in-app notifications are identified and pushed to the focus screen, and smartcard usage has drastically been improved with the introduction of the ‘Remote Application Helper’ agent.
  2. Aggregation: Awingu 4.0 introduces a simple built-in Reverse Proxy that enables securely externalizing internal web applications (such as intranets or SharePoint sites) via the Awingu workspace. The use of Awingu’s reverse proxy doesn’t require the use of Microsoft RDP or associated license costs. Furthermore, applications that are available only in external domains can be added as well as Linux xRDP-enabled applications (preview feature).
  3. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): Finally, at the dawn of the EU’s introduction of the GDPR, Awingu increases compliancy and security-related features of its solution. A system administrator changelog is available on the tenant level, file manipulations are audited, and an end-user privacy message is pushed to the end-user for acceptance (optional activation).

“Awingu 4.0 is the richest, easiest and most value-for-money Awingu version to date”, adds Walter Van Uytven. “It is the result of a continuous dialogue with customers, partners, and analysts.”

Want to find out more? Test Awingu 4.0 for free, or reach out to us!

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