Oct 31st, 2018. Awingu is excited to announce the go-live of Awingu 4.1. Similar to previous releases, Awingu 4.1 will bring enhancements in 4 pillars:

  1. Improvements to the end-user UX
  2. Extension of aggregation and IDP (Identity Provider) capabilities
  3. Enhancements in the security & compliancy (audit) space
  4. Improvements to the platform foundations

The following gives a summary overview of the release. We’ll dive in to more detail for some selected novelties below.


  • In-folder search
  • Screen stretching
  • Bookmarks & favorites
  • Improved virtual printer

  • SSO for internal web apps (reverse proxy)

  • Use of tokens when API connected
  • Password protection for support access

  • Simplified multi-node architecture
  • Add nodes without downtime
Improvements to the end-user UX

Avid Awingu users will immediately notice the workspace, file & apps pages in Awingu 4.1 will make much better use of your screen real estate. Especially for larger screen, the experience is improved by usage of the full width of the screen. Awingu 4.1 furthermore ‘pins’ the action bar at the top when working through the Awingu files section.

full width

Next to these subtle changes, new functional enhancements are also added such as

  • ‘in-folder search’ for files and apps. Note, the search will act as a filter for the folder which is active/open
  • Bookmark files or folders for easy access from the main Awingu workspace
  • Downloading and uploading of multiple files, or a full folder at once (will come in the form of a zip file)
  • Enhanced properties pane
in-folder search

Awingu 4.1 with in-folder search

Bookmarks & favorites shown in the main workspace

Easy view of document details

Download multiple files at once and get an easy view of document details

Also, Awingu 4.1 will enable ‘screen stretching’ of apps. Meaning you can stretch the browser tab over multiple physical screens, and the active application will also get stretched. Think of working in an Excel file with 50 columns for example.

This comes on top of the already existing ‘dual screen’ function: here, users can detach and application from the Awingu browser tab, and open it in a second tab. As such, working on 2 (or more) physical screens with a different application on each screen.


Stretch applications across multiple windows in Awingu 4.1


Open an action application in a new browser tab to enable dual screen working

Finally, Awingu 4.1 also comes with performance improvements for the Awingu Virtual printer in case the application is running on a Windows Server 2016 environment.

Extension of Aggregation and IDP (Identity Provider) capabilities

In Awingu 4.0, we introduced the Awingu Reverse Proxy. This is where we added intranet and internal web application into the aggregation mix. In Awingu 4.1, we’ve added SSO (Single Sign On) capabilities on top for websites with ‘basic’ authentication.

Enhancements in the security & compliancy (audit) space

Customers using Awingu’s open API (typically CSP partners and ISV’s) can now use security tokens to connect with Awingu. Tokens can easily be disabled or re-generated without having to change your password. This saves time in the setup, and optimizes security.


For more information, we invite you to have a look at our introduction to Awingu 4.1, or to get in touch with us.