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Awingu introduces version 5.3

August 16th 2022, Ghent (Belgium),– Today, Awingu (now part of Corel, home of Parallels) launches its new product release with Awingu version 5.3. As with every version, Awingu 5.3 brings enhancements in various domains:

  1. Security: HTTP headers updates
  2. Scaling: Installing against existing external database
  3. Various UX enhancements

Security: HTTP headers updates

Awingu is a solution that helps customers enable a Zero Trust secure remote access, and we therefore care deeply about our customers’ security. In line with security best practices, we’ve made improvements for HTTP headers:

  • Firstly, administrators can enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) headers. This way, Awingu ensures that its users are always connecting over HTTPS. By enabling HSTS, administrators no longer need to redirect users from http:// to https:// URLs.
  • Secondly, the Content-Security-Policy header (CSP) is applied. By using this response header administrators can control the resources the user agent is allowed to load.

Installing against an existing external database

To make the work of Awingu admins easier and to expand the database options, Awingu 5.3 introduces innovations with regards to using external databases.

Already before version 5.3, Awingu created a backup of the internal database on a daily basis and stored that backup on the appliance. As an admin, you can retrieve this backup and save it on another system via SFTP. Awingu enhances the use of external databases for this functionality: the existing ‘database backup and restore’ functionality has been updated to ‘environment backup and restore’. This means that it’s now also possible to install Awingu against an existing external database or install (new) Awingu environments from an existing backup.

This enhancement not only enables additional disaster recovery scenarios but also allows moving your Awingu environment to a different network or hypervisor. Furthermore, this enables you to duplicate environments for testing or validation.

Various UX enhancements

Awingu 5.3 adds capabilities to improve the user experience in the workspace.

Improved clipboard functionality

Many customers are using the clipboard in Awingu daily during their working hours. Awingu allows copying and pasting content between applications – however, users often experienced limitations (copy/paste between a streamed app and local device, not being able to use system copy/paste actions, etc.) We heard the requests for improving the clipboard functionality, and we listened to your feedback.

In Awingu 5.3, the clipboard functionality for Chromium-based browsers (such as Chrome and Edge) is refined:

  • Copy/paste actions from the context menu work as expected
  • Copy/paste actions from all formats between streamed apps are possible
  • Copy/pasting between a streamed app and the local device now works with more formats:
    • Plain text
    • HTML
    • Rich Text Formatting (RTF)
    • PNG images

File page improvements

We’ve extended the selection capabilities in the workspace. More specifically, two new actions have been added as file page improvements:

53 1

You can now select all files, bookmarks, shares, or applications.

53 2

You can now clear the whole selection.

The selection can also be modified using the Control and Shift keyboard keys, as is the default in e.g. Windows Explorer.

Support for mouse buttons 4 and 5

Several users have more than 3 mouse buttons, and use these to navigate (e.g. page forward/backward in browsers). The mouse buttons 4 and 5 (side buttons) can now be used within remote applications.

mouse 4 5
Mouse buttons 4 and 5 are often found on the left side of the mouse.

New Remote Application Helper

In Awingu 4.1, Awingu introduced the Remote Application Helper to support the use of Smartcards. In the version 5.3, there is a new version of the Remote Application Helper available which contains important bug fixes. If your users are working with Smartcards and thus need the RAH, it is recommended to uninstall the previous version of the RAH before installing the new one to keep on working smoothly in the workspace.

For more information about Awingu 5.3, please consult the latest admin guide.

Upgrading to the latest version is easy and happens with a single mouse click. Forgot how? Check our tutorial. For support and knowledge base, please refer to

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