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Awingu introduces version 5.4

November 28, 2022, Ghent (Belgium). Today, Parallels Awingu launches its new product release with version 5.4. As with every major release, Awingu 5.4 brings enhancements and changes in various domains: 

  • Security: automatic logout 
  • Quality of life improvements 
  • Foundational updates 

Automatic logout

Parallels Awingu administrators can enable and configure an inactivity timeout in the System Settings. When this feature is enabled and no activity is registered, the user will be logged out automatically. This ensures that inactive or “away-from-keyboard” sessions have a lower risk of getting compromised if their endpoint device gets accessed by malicious actors. 

Quality of life improvements

Shutdown troubleshoot command: Administrators can now shut down the Parallels Awingu appliance via the troubleshoot menu in the System Settings. This way, it becomes easier to take a snapshot when upgrading to a different version. 

Download packages more resilient: The number of individual downloads when downloading the packages for an upgrade has been drastically reduced. This will increase the reliability when network connectivity between the Parallels Awingu repository server and the upgrading appliances is weak. 

Simplifying node options: As of Parallels Awingu 5.4, we made the management of nodes simpler by only allowing frontend/backend or frontend-only nodes. 

Foundational updates

OS upgrade: the underlying operating system of Awingu has been upgraded. 

REST API stability changes 


For more information about Parallels Awingu 5.4, please consult the latest admin guide. 

Upgrading to the latest version is easy and happens with a single mouse click. Forgot how? Check our tutorial. For support and knowledge base, please refer to 

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