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Parallels Awingu introduces version 5.5

On June 21st 2023, we released Parallels Awingu 5.5!. The latest version of our secure unified workspace offers enhanced security options and other innovations that further enrich your investment.

What is available in this release and why should you upgrade to Parallels Awingu 5.5?

The key features delivered in Parallels Awingu 5.5 focus on security and maintenance.

New certificate settings for external HTTPS requests

Starting with Parallels Awingu 5.5, customers are now able to have granular control on the certificates used for external HTTPS requests used by the following features: audit logging, reverse proxied web applications, WebDAV with SSL, and SSO metadata.

External requests can now be granularly controlled by verifying identity and only allowing trusted services, or deliberately choosing to allow the connection to an unverified/untrusted service. In addition, administrators can now add certificates for identity verification.

Organizations that rely on internal certificates issued by internal certificate authorities or self-signed certificates can use such certificates for the HTTPS requests to external services. In addition, administrators can manage those requests either by allowing or disallowing external HTTP requests to internal services.


As with most minor releases, bug fixes are included in this release. If you previously reported issues to Parallels Awingu technical support that were deemed to be bugs, they have likely been remedied as part of this release. Find an overview of all changes in the Parallels Awingu 5.5 release notes.

Upgrading to Parallels Awingu 5.5

Parallels Awingu 5.3 and earlier are no longer supported as of this update, so it is critical that you upgrade earlier versions immediately. Upgrading is a straightforward process and is performed right within the admin console. Consult the release notes for instructions on upgrading to Parallels Awingu 5.5.

Parallels Awingu 5.5 is a minor release, and product development is underway for an upcoming major release that will include a variety of enhancements. For further details about Parallels Awingu 5.5, please consult the admin guide.

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