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This new financial injection will accelerate Awingu’s international expansion and bolster its ambitious growth plans. With corporate headquarters in Ghent, Awingu has already made a solid entrance into the US market with offices in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA, and will now strengthen this presence. Awingu also established strong international partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, HP Enterprise, Google and IBM. The international market has been very receptive to the Awingu technology, providing corporate employees with access to applications on any system, from their choice of end point systems: tablets, smartphones or any portable solution.

This investment round was led by reference shareholders Michel Akkermans (through Pamica NV) and Proximus.

 Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy praises Awingu: “Strong partnerships with innovative companies as Awingu are the foundation of Proximus’ innovation strategy. The virtual cloud platform of Awingu provides the employees of our Proximus corporate customers with a secure access to their business applications and documents, anytime, anywhere, from any system. This allows for an easy and more efficient collaboration with their colleagues.”

Michel Akkermans, serial entrepreneur and chairman of Awingu, strongly believes in the expansive growth plans: “This company owns an extremely user-friendly technology, supported by a sharp organization, with abundant talent and experience.”

Walter Van Uytven, CEO of Awingu, is delighted with the additional investment: “This gives us a new boost. We will be able to support our existing and future customers even better, and help them develop their organizations.”

About Awingu
Awingu is an innovative technology company, developing and distributing ‘workplace aggregator’ software. Through a unified and configurable virtual interface, it provides access to all business applications on any system (including legacy systems) from an end user’s choice of end point system, anytime, anywhere.

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