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Awingu and Smartdoc help businesses implement GDPR

Gent, August 29, 2017 – Awingu and SMARTdoc have decided to setup a technology and commercial partnership. Through their partnership, SMARTdoc’s document management platform can now be accessed via the browser of any device, while being integrated in the unified and online workspace of Awingu.

SMARTdoc is a leading solution in document management. It offers a complete, painless and affordable doc management solution, scalable from a single user, up to an enterprise wide framework, all based upon one simple user experience.
Awingu is a leading ‘Unified Workspace’ solution, nominated ‘Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces’ by Gartner in 2017. Awingu makes legacy software, SaaS, and files securely available in the browser of any device.

At the dawn of the Global Data Protection Regulation (or just GDPR), it’s key for businesses to centralize information, leaving no local data trailing around. With the combination of SMARTdoc and Awingu, businesses will get exactly this and more: Usage is fully audited, all data traffic is encrypted, login is secured with ‘multi-factor authentication’, and more.

“We are excited to partner with SMARTdoc. Both solutions are very complimentary. Through this combination, businesses will be able to get secure access to applications as well as advanced document management tools” says Walter Van Uytven, CEO Awingu.

Already today, Awingu and SMARTdoc share channel partners such as ConXion and Nextel. Through the partnership, both companies will further create a pollination in their go-to-market. It will increase the coverage of channel partners and end-customers.
Pricing, purchasing, and support of both solutions will remain independent to each company at this point in time.

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About Awingu

Awingu develops software to simplify enterprise mobility and liberate legacy applications. Our software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device or OS using any HTML5-based browser. Awingu mobilizes all company applications without disrupting how you run your IT and works with any cloud services. No agent is required on personal or corporate devices, and collaboration and file sharing are as simple as sending a URL. IT assets remain centrally secure and no data footprint is ever left behind for a safe way to implement BYOD. Awingu is the fastest and easiest way to empower a mobile workforce. Awingu is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium with affiliate offices in San Francisco and New York. Awingu was nominated ‘Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces 2017’ by analyst company Gartner.


Arnaud Marlière
0032 473 250 306

About Smartdoc

February 2009 Tom & Koen met at Fujitsu EMEA customer conference in Marrakesh – Morocco. A conference on all topics concerning imaging documents, storing them, managing them in paperless offices.
After three days of studying specs and features of scanners, comparing document management systems with scrolling command lists, flying drop-down menus and more click-buttons than Microsoft ever stuffed in Excel, the time had come for the closing dinner. Tom and myself were honored to join the table with a Swiss professor specialized in automation of business processes. When we all rounded up what we learned and saw at the conference and during the breaks at the sponsors-exhibition, we agreed that the document world had become far too complex for normal people like us. All the systems we had seen were actually dragons with innumerable heads, tables, functions, menus, and buttons. At a certain point the professor stated that a user just wants three things:

  • he wants to store a document without any hassle
  • he wants to find it back when he needs it
  • he wants to do with the document what he has to do

So, according to his needs, a user should only have those three options in a document management system: Add a document, find a document and an action-option.

The user interface of SMARTdoc was born: we decided to build a full featured documanagement system as an app, with only two icons, which confronts the user with other possibilities, only when meaningful.

SMARTdoc is more than just a job for us. We really enjoy what we do and truly believe that what we do can really make a difference.

Tom Pintens
0032 470 581 030

Awingu and Smartdoc partnership
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