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[Video] Awingu & Blackberry: complementing solutions to offer a highly secure digital workplace

This article and video were recorded, written and originally published by Dutch IT Channel.

“Workspace software provider Awingu recently announced that it has entered into a worldwide ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partnership with BlackBerry, which includes joint go-to-market initiatives and streamlined customer support, including around the BlackBerry Digital Workplace. During the BlackBerry World Tour 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in The Hague, the two companies demonstrated their workplace innovations. Dutch IT channel was there and spoke in a video update with Mark Wilson (CMO, BlackBerry) and Walter van Uytven (CEO, Awingu).

Awingu, named ‘Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces’ by Gartner in 2017, offers a secure, browser-based workspace solution. This gives employees access to their old Windows, Linux, SaaS or internal web applications, desktops and files from their company in a browser environment. It allows full mobility with any device, without compromising on security or privacy compliance. A part of BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Access, offers businesses a secure and managed browser solution that provides a highly secure access to BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry Workspaces, as well as corporate intranets, on any device.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program is designed to help partners navigate the ever-changing mobile business environment through secure mobile business solutions for their people, processes and data. It helps partners to acquire new competencies and opportunities that enable them to meet and exceed market demand by ensuring that partners are well equipped to successfully design, develop, implement and support BlackBerry solutions”

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Awingu & BlackBerry: complementing solutions to offer a highly secure Digital Workplace
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