Awingu is hiring a Market Research Analyst in the US. The core activities of this function will encompass:

Gather information (in the form of qualitative research) on the U.S. market for unified online workspace software to help position Awingu in the U.S. marketplace

  • Conduct surveys, polls, questionnaires, online research and industry expert interviews to collect data with the goal to define the ideal target customer and technology partner audience in the U.S. market.
  • Ability to present the findings to Awingu’s management team through the use of Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • Extract the key findings and provide guidance to the management team by answering the question “where to compete” and “how to compete” on the U.S. market.

Interact (through a formal or informal inquiry, or a quarterly briefing) with market analysts and advisors such as Gartner or Forrester to increase Awingu’s brand recognition on the U.S. market

  • Ability to express in a clear and concise manner Awingu’s product, delivery model, target customer & partner landscape to the external analyst.
  • Provide the external analyst with company briefings, demos, customer- and partner references.

Lead and conduct competitive intelligence initiatives:

  • Create a detailed U.S. competitor landscape (analyse the pricing strategy and go-to-market strategy);
  • Create competitive battle cards for relevant industries and verticals.
  • Validate existing competitive data by incorporating a triangulation approach (work with the sales team, the technology partners and customers within the install base).
  • Construct a SWOT analysis and design competitive scorecard in Microsoft Excel with weighted categories and associated unbiased questions or statements to perform an objective analysis to exploit the competitor’s weakness and to help Awingu become a market leader.
  • Support the product development team in taking action to exploit the competition’s weaknesses with Awingu’s strengths by presenting the results & analysis of the competitive scorecard in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  • Present a report of findings on a quarterly basis to the sales, marketing and product development team.
  • Work with the sales team to overcome a customer’s buying objection by providing them with objective data that identifies the competitor’s weaknesses.

Lead the U.S. marketing campaign, with the objective to increase inbound leads; collaborate closely with the headquarter in Belgium.

  • Analyse several tools and channels (such as: brand display ads, mobile display ads, paid search, sponsorship, social) to launch the campaign.
  • Work together with the marketing manager to create U.S. specific content for social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Define user persona’s
  • Work together with the marketing manager to improve the website, with the objective to increase inbound leads
  • Ability to work with a CRM (Zoho) to upload data, draw reports and dashboards
  • Measure the effectiveness of the campaign and present the numbers to the management team on a monthly basis.

Support the business by generating inbound and outbound leads:

  • Identify, source and nurture high-quality U.S.-based leads by using existing & successful European business cases
  • Drive and organize lead generation and local marketing activities (e.g. vertical-oriented events, webinars, round tables, seminars, case studies, etc.) together with the channel team and HQ;
  • Re-work (and eventually translate) the Dutch marketing material to appeal to the U.S. customer base.
  • Where needed support in ‘cold’ lead generation activities (e.g.: reactivation of past lost leads by crafting an actionable outbound email or use of targeted advertising campaigns)

Develop an excellent knowledge of the product features, research verticals and analyse the market conditions per trends and vertical.

  • Ability to pitch the value proposition to customers with the objective to develop the business.
  • Insert the results in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to present to prospective customers with the goal to position Awingu as a trusted advisor and develop new business opportunities
  • Lead discussions and interact with new and existing technology partners on business strategies, market trends, customer trends and industry trends with the objective to uncover new business development opportunities


  • The candidate should at least have a bachelor degree in marketing, statistics, or related commercial or technical field
  • A minimum 5 years of experience in a marketing or a sales function
  • Experience in cloud service is an asset
  • Experience with an international environment is an asset
  • Knowledge of Dutch is an asset


  • A challenging and varied job in a fresh, young and rapidly changing environment.
  • A competitive compensation package.


Please send your CV to:


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