Nextel is an ICT player in the BeNeLux. With 200 out of 300 ‘mobile workers’, mobility was a core need. Nextel adopted Awingu as an alternative to classic VPN’s to facilitate access to core applications and data to these mobile workers.


Easy to use: Easy access via a simple browser on any device to core Nextel applications; and this for field engineers, sales as for ‘teleworkers’

Secure: Full audit of usage available out-of-the-box, and Awingu is deployed in the Nextel’s controlled datacenter

Easy to manage: Easy to setup, no need to configure and manage complex VPN’s, no need to install clients on end-devices, etc.

Awingu is one of our important mobility and efficiency solutions.

Awingu offers me a lot of benefits as IT professional: One of these advantages is that I don’t need to configure or manage complex VPN’s, nor install clients on end-devices. You only need to give a URL, and people can start.

When an employee’s PC is broken or lost, he/she can just pick-up another device and continue working without loss of data.



Aviapartner is one of the leading international independent providers of ground handling services across 37 airports. They employ around nearly 6000 staff serving needs of 30 million passengers. They also manage cargo handling for around 1 million tons of cargo each year.

AviaPartner was fully deployed on Citrix, but they found this to be a cost-inefficient solution for AviaPartner. With a help from Altogee, they chose to try Awingu deployed on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

The switch to Awingu brought many advantages to AviaPartner:

  • Awingu provided significant cost gains compared to Citrix.
  • Awingu furthermore makes it easy to support multiple devices. To be full “platform agnostic”. AviaPartner currently supports over a dozen devices from their airport based terminals to MacBooks, iPads, etc. and users need to get access their core applications on all devices, anywhere.
  • They adopted Awingu’s built-in One-Time-Password solution and phase-out the use of classic MFA tokens


Mobile working on any type of device is crucial to our business. We operate in a line of business where people need mobile access to their core applications and data: be it ‘groundstaff’ in the airport terminal or management on the road.

We choose to work with our strategic advisor and partner AltoGee to find a good and cost-effective solution to our needs.

AviaPartner also depends a lot on seasonal workers. In peak periods, our staffing can easily double. Awingu’s concurrent-user based licensing model neatly covers this.

ferretti logo



Ferretti Group is a world leader in design, construction and sale of luxury yachts and boats. Established in 1968, today the Ferretti Group has over 1500 employees and is present in over 80 countries. Together with the main production and seven offices in Italy, they also have offices and sales centers in Florida, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In 2016 the Ferretti Group started to centralize their IT environment leveraging Microsoft’s RDS, but the standard Microsoft solution showed some weaknesses – for example, the configuration of the client on the end-user device brought challenges for mobile users such as sales.

To hook-up mobile workers into the central IT platform, Ferretti decided to implement Awingu and they got many benefits by choosing Awingu:

  • Deployment was easy and very fast
  • Employees can access files from any device, no local agent needed on the end-user devices
  • Awingu runs on their own existing infrastructure

For an international company like Ferretti, mobility is crucial and by enabling simplified access to apps and files, their productivity and sales activity got easier and faster.

This use case was made possible via our partner in Bologna, Alya IT.


Ferretti and Awingu

The standard Microsoft RDS solution also showed some weaknesses. For example, the configuration of the client on the end-user device brought challenges for mobile users such as sales.

We deployed Awingu on our hyper-converged Nutanix infrastructure in less than one hour. It is a very straight-forward solution.

Our sales guys can access apps easily without any need for installing or managing any local client.


Proximus is a telecommunication & ICT company operating in the Belgian and international markets, providing services to residential, enterprise and public customers. The mission of Proximus is to connect everyone, enable better living and smarter working. Clearly, it was important for Proximus to put the money where the mouth is, and apply those principles themselves. With over 14 000 employees, they have a wide and diverse network of people working not only from the office but also from other environments, like other companies or in the field.

Today, Awingu is enabled for Proximus employees, and is used in multiple use-cases such as:

  • Shop-in-the-shop: Sales representatives can securely connect to applications and data from unmanaged devices.
  • Telework: Bring Your Own Device access for home and remote workers
  • Field technicians: Easier way for the field workers to connect to the applications and data via a tablet or other device


  • Enables flexible and mobile working on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Saving costs and time in setup of new shop-in-shop locations
  • Improved user-experience for field staff and tele/remote workers
  • Boost internal culture of collaboration


Mobility is an important part of our digital work environment, it means being able to work on any device, anytime and anywhere. Awingu supports this approach. It enables you to consult older systems, even if you are on the move.

As Proximus employees at Fnac, we use Fnac computers to work. To access the Proximus intranet, we use Awingu. Awingu is not just available on PCs here but any place and any device – whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a personal laptop. All you need is a login, password and a token. Awingu is really user-friendly.

With Awingu, my work is much easier than before. We used to have a much heavier laptop that was harder to carry around. Now we use Awingu on a tablet to fill out our checklists in the field.



EYE4U is a Danish company that supplies professional video surveillance solutions.  Their clients base consists mostly of retailers, shopping centers, grocery stores and logistic centers. For those instances, it is crucial that they can keep an eye on what happens in their distribution centers, which are often packed with expensive goods. The video surveillance solution serves not only as a safety measure against burglary, but also as an additional tracking method (next to the use of scanners) of what enters and leaves the warehouse. Furthermore, the software also reports visitor flows and provide insightful analyses and statistics.

As a ‘total supplier’, EYE4U not only delivers the necessary hardware (camera’s, server towers, etc.) and installation, but also the surveillance software that allows their customers to monitor their system. They chose Awingu as an added and highly secure layer to connect with that software, together with the added benefit of providing access to their surveillance system from any device.

Why Awingu?

  • Security: add an extra security layer (such as MFA and SSL offloading) to their surveillance software to protect the valuable data that it stores
  • No hassle: Awingu is quickly deployed, fully functional and is used to minimize any additional effort in terms of connecting to or securing the data
  • Better than competition: unlike competing solutions like Citrix XenApp, Awingu is easy to use, affordable and highly secure


eye4u camera

Benjamin Vohnsen, Owner EYE4U

Because of the data’s sensitivity, IT departments demand a high level of security. With Awingu, we can facilitate this.

Awingu offers a highly secure access to our software, whilst minimizing any configuration effort.

More and more, we see that Awingu is used to add a whole new surveillance and usage perspective to mainstream virtualization software.

Markiscity Services AB


If you’ve ever seen a beverage dispensing machine in Sweden, there’s a very high chance that it is owned and maintained by Markiscity. They are a Swedish warehouse management subcontractor for companies like Coca-Cola, Spendrups, Carlsberg and Swedish Match. After being hit by two consecutive ransomware attacks, they chose Awingu to make their data management more secure, and to arm themselves against another intrusion. The attacks (which happened during the worldwide WannaCry attacks) caused serious problems for the company and their IT partner, Toolbox.

Awingu’s unified workspace was part of a threefold strategy to minimize the risk of being hit again and was deployed together with the autonomous endpoint security software SentinelOne to protect their servers and client computer from threats, and the VM backup solution Nakivo.

Why Awingu?

  • Safe data access: With Awingu, Markiscity employees can access all their data without storing it locally. All the documents stay on their servers, and thus they prevent leaks or access from malicious entities.
  • Access legacy applications anywhere: employees can access their legacy WMS software by making a direct RDP connection to their backend.
  • Anywhere: whether it’s at the office, at home, in the warehouse or in the field to check on the beverage dispensers, employees can access the same workspace from any device via any browser.
  • Easy to set up and manage: Awingu was set up in a matter of hours, and requires very little maintenance.

Markiscity needed to protect its data against future attacks, and Awingu was an essential component in achieving that.

Ronny Hartzell
CEO, Toolbox

We haven’t found a product to give access to legacy applications that is as simple and secure at the same time as Awingu.

Ronny Hartzell
CEO, Toolbox

Since its deployment, there has never been any more downtime in any of the systems. Thanks to Awingu, Markiscity can sleep again at night: it is reliable, and it just works.

Ronny Hartzell
CEO, Toolbox

The Awingu support team is the most reliable I have ever had the opportunity of working with.

Ronny Hartzell
CEO, Toolbox

die keure logo


Printer and publisher ‘die Keure’ uses Awingu to give their employees and external parties secure access to internal business applications whilst paving their way towards GDPR compliance. They chose our unified workspace for its cost-efficiency and simplicity compared to more expensive and complicated solutions such as Citrix. Next to this; die Keure chose Awingu because of its simplicity to implement multi-factor authentication.


  • Citrix replacement: implementing Awingu helped die Keure to make their digital workplace more cost-efficient and a lot easier to manage and use. According to Frederic Van Quickenborne (IT Manager, die Keure), one of the primary benefits of Awingu over Citrix is the fact that users don’t have to install anything on their device to get to work – something that has spared a lot of time in support tickets.
  • Cost-efficiency: besides its friendly pricing, Awingu has opened the option of replacing terminals by Chromebooks from which users can log in to the server, which is a highly cost-efficient investment.
  • Compliance: Awingu’s security features, e.g. the ou-of-the-box MFA, helped the IT environment on the road towards compliance with several regulations, such as GDPR. ‘The company faces many challenges in working together with their clients and partners in a secure way,’ says Frederic Van Quickenborne (IT Manager, die Keure), ‘which was one of the reasons to look into secure and easy to use collaboration tools.’
  • Collaboration: Die Keure is working together with publishers, suppliers, authors, editors and many other external parties. The people at those companies need to have access to several of die Keure’s files and applications in a secure and simple way. Awingu is a very simple and fast solution to give internal people access to business applications when they work from home on the one hand. On the other hand, there are external parties who can now use internal applications in a secure way without being a direct data transfer between their device and the servers of die tech-savvy people.’
  • Any device: Awingu users at die Keure worked on a wide variety of devices and operating systems, ranging from Windows laptops to Chromebooks to Macbooks. Awingu is device agnostic: all you need is a browser (on any kind of device or OS) and you’re good to go!
  • Secure file sharing: to rid themselves of ‘the WeTransfers of this world’, die Keure started using Awingu’s secure file sharing with, which has a built-in function to easily and highly securely share files with both internal and external recipients.



One of our employees that worked with Citrix in the past is now very happy that we’ve installed Awingu, as he can now work at home without having to install anything!

Frederic Van Quickenborne
IT Manager, die Keure

Awingu made sure that we did not have to perform a complex installation on client computers, only an HTML 5 browser is needed to get started.

Koen Praet
CEO, Keep-IT



Citi Orient Securities worked with BlackBerry and Awingu to securely access its legacy applications and files on mobile devices, deploying it to transaction staff, trading staff, and its IT operations department.

Consult this reference case on the BlackBerry website or download it as a PDF file.


  • Higher Efficiency and Lower Cost: Leveraging BlackBerry and Awingu, Citi Orient has sped up processes, increased efficiency, and improved overall competitiveness. Whether they need to send and receive emails, access in-house application systems, communicate with clients, or access trading systems, Citi Orient’s employees are able to do so with ease from their mobile devices. This has also made device restoration far simpler – in the past, a user would have to work directly with IT to ensure all drivers and applications were properly reinstalled.
  • Security and Compliance: Secured by BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry Work has helped Citi Orient greatly enhance its email security, reducing the risk of data leakage in the process. Employees are able to access their email accounts without needing to go through a lengthy VPN login process and without compromising security. Perhaps most importantly, Citi Orient’s solution is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to install and manage for IT.
  • Future Plans: Moving forward, Citi Orient is examining the possibility of deeper integration between BlackBerry UEM and Awingu. It is considering a rollout of Awingu to its general staff, and equipping its IT maintenance team with the ability to use Awingu and BlackBerry Access to remotely log in to its servers. The organization is also interested in seeing more cybersecurity-geared AI solutions, such as situation awareness and advanced threat detection.

The demand for mobile enablement was high. The team needed a package of safe, reliable, and productive solutions that enabled them to truly realize the advantages of mobility. We also sought solutions that would be easy to learn, minimizing the cost of implementation and deployment.

Zhang Weimin
CTO, Citi Orient Securities

As investment banks, we pay a great deal of attention to data security. Our security measures are incredibly comprehensive, and all solutions are chosen from among the leaders of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report. Through a recent evaluation, we identified the need for a platform capable of providing stringent security for mobile endpoints.

Zhang Weimin
CTO, Citi Orient Securities


The SUD AERO Group, based in Merville (France), is a leading supplier and manufacturer of structural elements for the aerospace industry.

Due to their agility and security objectives, the IT Department has been using Awingu since early 2018 to, in addition to the meeting the required data security aspects, ensure a stable and easy to use way to let its employees and contractors work from anywhere, on any device.

The solution has been deployed and has fully satisfied our needs for over a year. Furthermore, the deployment was very simple and blazingly fast,” says Alexandre. Currently, SUD AERO uses the Awingu portal and its built-in Reverse Proxy functionalities to give their subcontractors access to parts of their environment. “The next step in our master plan is to generalise the use of Awingu even further. With its multiple architectural possibilities, we could consider outsourcing all our data center operations while maintaining a level of application distribution performance at a lower cost.”


  • Stability and reliability
  • Exceptional file sharing capability
  • New versions published periodically with improved features

We are supported by Attitude SI, which introduced us to Awingu when we were looking for a tool capable of making parts of our IT available to our subcontractors, while maintaining the necessary data security requested by our purchasers. We were instantly surprised by the features offered by the solution, especially since it met all our budgetary constraints.

Alexandre Delhom
IT Manager, Sud Aero

Attitude SI has really been able to support us in integrating the environment by anticipating all our needs and ensuring the link with the vendor. We work in a co-pilot mode in our projects have found that communication is really reactive and testifies of a splendid mastery of the solution. In short, we were well advised to use Awingu!

Alexandre Delhom
IT Manager, Sud Aero


Fongecif Occitanie is an interprofessional joint organization and a regional professional transition operator that has been supporting projects in professional development and retraining projects for 35 years now.

Following the 2017 territorial reform imposing the merger of the two former Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions , Fongecif Occitanie initiated a project to completely rethink the information systems master plan with the objective of outsourcing its IT operations. In addition, faced with many changes and a high cost of maintaining Windows workstations, Fongecif Occitanie has chosen to set up a collaborative portal capable of consolidating all the applications and files of its association in a single place and via a highly secure way. “We absolutely needed a solution with secure access to our data in order to be in compliance with the GDPR in regard to the personal data we process,” says Catherine Montfort (Project & IT Manager, Fongecif Occitanie).

At Fongecif Occitanie, Awingu has

      • Simplified the lives of end user with an easy to use and highly intuitive Unified Workspace
      • Facilitated IT management
      • Stabilized their connectivity by eradicating VPN
      • Secured the data of the structure via a highly secure and audited single access point to their company data

In the long term, we plan to equip ourselves with Chromebook devices to reduce the cost of our fixed IT assets. We were looking for a solution that would allow all our applications to run on any device while respecting the constraints of GDPR. Furthermore, our old architecture needed a solution that freed us from mobile VPNs. The deployment of Awingu at Fongecif Occitanie has made this possible.

Catherine Montfort
Project & IT Manager, Fongecif Occitanie


Cevi/Logins is an ISV that develops software solutions and IT services for Belgian local governments. They chose to replace Citrix with Awingu to give their users a secure access to their legacy applications on any device, without the need to set up a VPN connection. Next to this SaaS offering, Cevi/Logins also uses Awingu internally.


    • SaaS-ifying legacy applications: Awingu is a go-to solution with a proven track record for ISV’s that want to offer their applications to their customers via the cloud. Cevi/Logins’ customers can now access all of their applications anywhere, on any device via an HTML5 workspace. Cevi/Logins, on their end, did not have to change a single line of code or set up a complex infrastructure. Learn more about the ISV’s journey to SaaS!
    • Multi-tenancy: Awingu’s multi-tenant capabilities make it easy for Cevi/Logins to easily serve a large number of separate customers from a single appliance, without the need to set up an infrastructure from scratch for each new environment.
    • MFA built-in: Cevi/Logins chose Awingu over competing solutions because of its variety of built-in security features such as out-of-the-box multi-factor authentication.
    • Citrix replacement: Before switching to Awingu, Cevi/Logins used Citrix in an attempt to give local governments access to their applications. However, Citrix was expensive and complex for both Cevi/Logins and their users. With Awingu, they found an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution. Learn more about migrating to Awingu!
    • Eliminate VPN: Part of the hassle of previous solutions was the fact that users needed to connect to the Cevi/Login network over VPN. Awingu does away with this: after securely logging in to the workspace, the connection is established.
    • Simplicity: Awingu focuses on simplicity, both for the ISV that wants to cloudify their app and for the end-user that wants access to it.
    • Cost-efficiency: Cevi/Logins was looking for a cost-efficient way to put their applications in the cloud, and found that in Awingu’s straightforward and affordable pricing model.