B Rekencentra develops cargo and freight software for the transport & logistics industry. Implementing their software into the customer workflow, is a heavy task. Therefore, they have the need to have a cloud-based solution which they can propose to smaller clients or for demonstration and testing purposes. Awingu fits the bill perfectly.

Facilitate deployment and usage of their software: B Rekencentra can now host its software in a public cloud and leverage Awingu to provide end-user access via a simple Browser
No local installation, no VPN: before Awingu, prospects needed to install the software locally, or B Rekencentra had to work with VPN’s, adding a lot of complexity to the process
Demo platform enables selling: B Rekencentra set up a demo platform in their public cloud and used Awingu to give prospects easy access via their browser
Reduced support workload: 100% browser based solution reduces support tickets and installation workload (e.g. local network and firewall configuration)

Awingu is used to give demonstrations to current and potential customers. One of our potential customers, was convinced after a demo with Awingu.

The great advantage of Awingu over its competitors is that we do not require from potential customers any changes in their network or firewall.


InfoDidac builds cloud offer with Awingu and Microsoft Azure: InfoDidac is the developer of ‘ProEco’. This is the core administration software, used in 1300 schools in the Belgian French Community. ‘ProEco’ is a legacy software that runs locally on the PC of the end-user. It was not built to run as a SaaS service. In the 21st century, schools and their staff need to work more even more efficiently and flexibly.

Benefits for InfoDidac:

  1. No new code: No need to re-write legacy application. Awingu makes it available in the browser (in html5)
  2. Easy to install and maintain: The setup of Awingu was done in very short time, upgrades are done in a matter of minutes
  3. Customized: The Awingu workspace is customized to the wishes and look & feel of Infodidac
  4. Multi-tenant: thanks to the multi-tenancy of the Awingu, management of schools and users became a lot easier. 

Benefits for the end-users (users of ‘CloudEco’)

  1. Flexible: Work from anywhere and any device
  2. Stress-free: Back-ups are done automatically by InfoDidac
  3. Aggregated: Possibility to access multiple schools’ data from the same platform (for administrative staff that work for multiple schools)


Awingu allows us to run our application via the internet while it was not developed to do so originally.

Awingu was chosen because of the ease of installation, intuitive usage, and, the responsiveness of the Awingu team.


CODE3 is a German independent software vendor (ISV) that was founded in 2012. As a business, they develop and sell their “fireplan” software to fire departments all over Germany and other German speaking regions. 

CODE3 used to leverage on Azure RemoteApp to provide mobile access to their end-customers. However, as of August 2016, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the Azure RemoteApp service, meaning CODE3 needed to find a suitable alternative.

By replacing Azure RemoteApp with Awingu, CODE3 ensured easy, fast and safe access to their software on every platform. Be it either in municipalities with limited internet access or in fire stations that deployed operating systems different from Windows, the Awingu platform helped enable a connection to fireplan that works even smoother than if it were installed on premise. CODE3 tested Awingu All-in-One on the Azure Marketplace. “Our trial on the Azure Marketplace worked remarkably good from the start, and that really convinced us”, says Bojan Slegel (one of the co-founders of Code3).

CODE3 chose Awingu to resolve their issue because of the following reasons:

  • No third partyCODE3 runs and operates the software under their name, and in the infrastructure of their choice: Microsoft Azure. 
  • Platform-agnosticism: The fireplan software needs to run not only on desktops and laptops but also on tablets in the field or in fire trucks. Furthermore, CODE3 required enablement for all Operating Systems: Apple iOS and mac OS, Google’s Android, Windows 10 or older Windows platforms…
  • Scalability: Awingu can allow the company to grow at a faster rate, because they would provide their upcoming products via the same channel 
  • Easy to manage: CODE3 only needed to build on top of their existing platform.
  • Speed: CODE3 had customers who couldn’t run fireplan because of connection issues. With Awingu’s bandwidth optimization, those issues were largely solved.
  • Support: In the early stage, CODE3 was impressed by how quickly, thoroughly and professionally the Awingu Support Team responded to any question they had

fireplan software and awingu

fireplan software and awingu

With Awingu, we have found a very good solution to make our software available now that Azure RemoteApp has been dropped.

Clients of ours that have bad internet connections or network restrictions and were using using the Azure RemoteApp experience a significant difference in speed when switching to Awingu: finally, they’re able to use the software in the same way as clients with good internet connections and no network restrictions.

Our trial on the Azure Marketplace worked remarkably good from the start, and that really convinced us.


Any questions we had in the earlier stages were very quickly, thoroughly and professionally answered by the Awingu Support Team. We were surprised by how engaged they were for a company that wasn’t even a customer yet!



Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd. is a Canadian ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that develops drilling and well data software for oil and gas companies worldwide. They are a leading technology player in this market. More than 450 oil and gas companies around the globe rely on Peloton’s software to make better informed, data-driven decisions, and the industry is slowly but surely shifting towards the cloud. Therefore, Peloton choose Awingu to make their industry-specific software available on any device, anywhere.

Why Awingu?

  • Great user-experience: users get access to their Peloton applications without compromise.
  • Simplicity of the architecture: Awingu is an easy solution to set up and is a good long-term source for Peloton’s SaaS strategy.
  • Browser-based: no need to install software on client machines, and thus clients can run Peloton’s software on any type of device.
  • Support for local printing: users can print reports directly to a local printer without any software to install.


  • Dramatically simplified support and operation efforts: previously, “Peloton’s client rollouts would take weeks to months. With Awingu and Microsoft Azure, it takes Peloton minutes to deploy a new customer.” This kind of operational efficiency has proved to be vital for Peloton.
  • Quicker route to value: for Peloton to get customers up and running quickly means fewer support costs, quicker route to value, optimization of the cashflow and happier customers.
  • Improved sales operation: Awingu requires zero configuration and zero client software installation. It is now really simple for Peloton to set up “try-and-buy” models for new prospects.
  • Increased ARPU (Average Revenue Per User): Peloton’s move to a SaaS revenue model has triggered a significant increase in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) as it now offers not only software licenses, but a fully managed service.

We have received stellar feedback since implementing Awingu — it has been instrumental in improving sales and operations.

User experience was our first priority. Our user base wanted an intuitive, browser-based access to their Peloton software.

We also heavily considered the Total Cost of Ownership, installation and ease of implementation. Awingu fits our needs perfectly.


Fargo Systems is an innovator in the provision and support of core business software and services to the logistics industry. With a wealth of far-reaching industry knowledge, its roots and history go back a great deal further than the company’s inception in 2002 with solid foundations within the shipping and transport industries.

A leading provider of TMS (Transport Management System) solutions, Fargo Systems offers four software packages: TOPS, Cyman, TOPS…on the go, and Next to building and selling software, it also supports customers with additional services and consulting. By understanding their customers’ operations, Fargo Systems works closely with them to deliver and build upon improved management, processes, and efficiencies with innovative IT solutions.

End of life announcement poses need for alternative solution

Historically, Fargo Systems has deployed its software either on-premise or through the cloud, hosted by Azure, leveraging Azure RemoteApp. When Microsoft announced the end of life for the Azure RemoteApp service in August 2017, Fargo Systems needed an alternative solution to continue catering to the needs of their customers.

For the new Azure-based solution, Fargo Systems turned to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and identified Awingu as a solid alternative to Azure RemoteApp. Awingu software is a workspace aggregator that provides a central workspace for people to access all their data using whatever device they prefer from anywhere. Awingu significantly shortens and smoothens the creation of a complete workspace environment in the Azure Cloud. Using a simple installation wizard, IT administrators can set up and configure Awingu and back-end applications servers in a matter of minutes and allows access to SaaS applications with a single login. The key value point for Fargo Systems was that Awingu would enable them to offer their software through a connected browser and sell it via a service model.

Speedy delivery and cost savings

The environment in Azure was set up in under a day, giving Fargo a real-life environment to test internally and with end-customers before deciding to go into production. The concurrent based pricing model of Awingu provided a cost-efficient means for Fargo Systems to tailor their end-customer offering.


  • Faster Time to Market: by simplifying the creation of a complete workspace environment in the Azure Cloud, Fargo Systems was able to deliver their TMS solutions to their customers in a matter of days while achieving a great TCO.
  • Ease and Simplicity: Fargo Systems’ users can access and use any application or file they need using just their browser. There is nothing to install or configure for the end user — all they need is an Internet connection and an HTML browser.
  • Cost-efficiency: Awingu’s concurrent based pricing model provided a cost-efficient means for Fargo Systems to tailor their end-customer offering.

Thanks to the ease-of-use of the Azure Marketplace, Fargo Systems was able to deploy and test Awingu on Azure in their specific context and use-case. And this was in a matter of hours.



Bond Consulting Services is a California-based IT consulting firm and one of the top 200 Microsoft partners in the United States. Although technically not an ISV, they use Awingu in the same way: to make a legacy application available on any device. With over a combined 100 years of experience, their primary focus is Microsoft Dynamics implementations, which include proactive technology training and provisioning. Many of their clients have been using Microsoft Dynamics GP for a long time and want to have access to their applications via any device – although this used to be impossible, BCS can now offer this in an easy to use and manage and highly secure way to their clients via Awingu.

Before we continue, it’s important to make the distinction between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Both are lines of ERP and CRM with a high degree of functionality, but the 365 version which was introduced in 2016 is ‘SaaS’ (Software-as-a-Service) – meaning that it is fully hosted by Microsoft on Azure (like Microsoft’s other 365 products). Dynamics GP, on the other hand, offers more functionality but is typically hosted on-premise or at a hosting provider of your choice and does not have a Microsoft-hosted SaaS option. The only alternative to this was the web client option of GP, but that required a lot of backend configuration with only limited functionality.

‘Most of our clients have been working with Dynamics GP since way before 365 was introduced, and the majority of them host it on-premise. As the cloud is becoming more and more prevalent in business, many of our clients are asking to access Dynamics GP as if it were a cloud solution,’ says Bob Bond (President, Bond Consulting Services). They were looking for a way to let users access their applications anywhere, on any device, and found that solution with Awingu. ‘The proposition that we make to clients is the following: with Awingu you can now access Dynamics GP from anywhere at any time, even when at home or on the road. You don’t need to have anything installed on the device, no need to be connected to your company network, and no need for installing and configuring a VPN. All you need to do is open your web browser, log in to Awingu and there is your Microsoft Dynamics as if you would have opened it at your desk at the office. That’s it – it’s that simple!’

  • Simplicity: end-users don’t have to install anything, just grab any device and they’re good to go. They have the full cloud experience without any of the hassle. It doesn’t matter where it’s deployed, they don’t know and don’t care. For administrators, too, the Awingu component is very easy to deploy and configure and manage going forward.
  • Accessibility: BCS’ clients can access their Microsoft Dynamics GP apps (and others) anywhere, on any device, via the browser. ‘Awingu takes the wind out of the sails of competitors saying that Dynamics GP is only on-premise, and you can’t access it via the cloud,’ says Bob. ‘If someone says that, they’re wrong – we’re doing it right now.’
  • Security: ‘having a secure access without loopholes plays a big role for our customers. Especially at C-level, we notice that strong security is an equally important concern as the accessibility. Awingu ties in perfectly with the Microsoft authentication models and has SSO options. There’s not a single IT expert we spoke to that isn’t convinced of Awingu’s robust security.’

Awingu takes the wind out of the sails of competitors saying that Dynamics GP is only on-premise, and you can’t access it via the cloud. If someone says that, they’re wrong – we’re doing it right now.

Bob Bond
CEO, Bond Consulting Services

Awingu takes the wind out of the sails of competitors saying that Dynamics GP is only on-premise, and you can’t access it via the cloud. If someone says that, they’re wrong – we’re doing it right now.

Bob Bond
CEO, Bond Consulting Services

Awingu takes the wind out of the sails of competitors saying that Dynamics GP is only on-premise, and you can’t access it via the cloud. If someone says that, they’re wrong – we’re doing it right now.

Bob Bond
CEO, Bond Consulting Services

Awingu takes the wind out of the sails of competitors saying that Dynamics GP is only on-premise, and you can’t access it via the cloud. If someone says that, they’re wrong – we’re doing it right now.

Bob Bond
CEO, Bond Consulting Services




Awingu develops a software to simplify enterprise mobility and liberate legacy applications.
Our software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device or OS using any HTML5-based browser.



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