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The Fire Brigade Zone Rivierenland (Zone Antwerp 2) is one of the 35 Belgian and one of the five Antwerp rescue zones. The zone officially started operating on 1 January 2015 and provides fire and medical assistance (ambulance) in the southwest of the province of Antwerp. They were looking for a simpler alternative than their current Citrix setup to give users remote access to various applications on their own devices (BYOD). When they found Awingu, they were totally sold!


  • Simple BYOD: Thanks to Awingu, volunteers can now use their own device to access the necessary applications or file share via the browser. For the IT admins it’s a big help that nothing needs to be installed on the devices of the users themselves. It not only saves them more time, but also reduces the cost for the devices.


  • Huge steps forward in terms of security: With the introduction of just one tool, HVZ Rivierenland was able to take extra security measurements by using the built-in MFA and the auditing possibilities. Furthermore, they love the fact that all data processed through the browser is encrypted and that they can use screen recording when giving suppliers access to the network.


  • Various applications in a personalised workspaceFor the Fire Brigade Zone it’s a big advantage that they can make secure personalised workspaces based on the profile of the user. That way they can easily give users access to all the specific applications they need, like for example ABIFIRE, 3P, Bluebeam, Mercurius, DIV and Remote Desktops. Easy to manage for every user or user group!


“Volunteers who do not use a managed device from the zone, can simply use their on device to access the necessary applications as well as the file share. On top of that, nothing needs to be installed on the devices themselves, because Awingu is completely browser-based. This saves our IT admins time for configuration and maintenance and also significantly reduces the cost for the type of the devices.”
Responsible for IT at HVZ Rivierenland
“Before Awingu was brought into use, CAD program Bluebeam was installed locally on each device. This required a lot of maintenance and follow-up due to the limited IT team. Luckily it can now be done centrally at the server level. Also, the performance for those who work remotely through Awingu is optimal with this CAD application. Thanks to Awingu, we were able to tick those boxes."
Responsible for IT at HVZ Rivierenland


Do you have any more questions about Awingu? Reach out to our Awingurus!

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