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Municipality of Avezzano chose Awingu to solve their remote working challenge

The Municipality of Avezzano is a small town in the province of L’Aquila (Abruzzo) and its territory extends over 100 square kilometers. It is made up of the main town and some hamlets and has more than 40.000 inhabitants. The IT service of the municipality consists of 4 people, who directly provide support and maintain the infrastructure for the approximately 200 employees equipped with IT tools. They were looking for a way to let their employees access local desktops in the office in a secure and easy way.

  • Security: An institution like Avezzano has to adhere to heavy security requirements, so they needed a solution that was highly secure. Awingu answered this need. The municipality not only enabled the built-in two-factor authentication, but also configured a whole set of other security features in Awingu to prevent the presence of administration data on local devices.
  • BYOD: The classic equipment of the municipality were desktop devices. Since it was not possible to equip each employee with a laptop, they were looking for a way to allow connections from the outside via the employees’ personal devices. Thanks to Awingu users can connect securely from home to their PC located at the municipal offices, using any device they had at home.
  • Simplicity & ease of use: For Avezzano these are the key elements of the solution. In a short time they installed and configured Awingu on a VMWare virtual machine. All the configuration was carried out independently by the IT department of the municipality, “even the integration with LDAP and in general, all the configuration was easy and fast.”
  • Management of USB keys: On the devices used by remote users, the software for the management of USB keys for the digital signature of documents was configured and integrated into Awingu, which was another critical element indispensable for the proper performance of the public officials’ work.
"All users were very satisfied with the adopted solution and we didn't find any complaints, not even from users using limited bandwidth connections."
Giacomo Calisse
System Administrator of the Municipality of Avezzano


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