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Secure remote access to lab computers at ProQR Therapeutics

ProQR Therapeutics is a Dutch biotechnology company dedicated to developing RNA therapies for rare genetic diseases. Their headquarters are located in Leiden (NL), but their 160 employees are spread between the Netherlands, the United States and the rest of Europe. ProQR’s workspaces consist mainly of laboratories in which you find a lot of test equipment connected to very powerful computers. In order to give their employees safe and remote access to these versatile machines, ProQR chose Awingu.

  • Remote access to lab computers: A large part of ProQR’s employees are lab technicians that use highly specialised hardware and software to conduct research and tests for medicines: very demanding research software installed on powerful desktop computers. Most of these computers only host one specific program, and each of these machines is therefore different from the others. In addition, the researchers process their results on their own laptop. With Awingu, they can access these computers remotely, without hassle or security issues.
  • Security: As a lab that works with data that is crucial to their research, data security is at the top of ProQR’s list. They found that in Awingu, which enables secure access to their IT assets (by means of a login with built-in MFA, automatic SSL encryption and extensive monitoring.
  • User-friendliness: Since the corona crisis, many people have been working from home. With Awingu’s digital workplace, that’s no problem, and research data can be collected and processed as if you were in the office. One of the feedback points they regularly receive from Awingu users is that it is very convenient to be able to control or consult several machines from a single (often BYOD) device.
"We were looking for a solution to give people remote access to those computers - for something that could be set up quickly and easily, and that met our security and UX requirements."
Serena de Pater
System Administrator, ProQR
Awingu meets our needs perfectly: on the one hand, it gives you secure access to your IT assets (by means of a login with built-in MFA, automatic SSL encryption, extensive monitoring for us), and on the other hand, it is easy to use.”
Serena de Pater
System Administrator, ProQR


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