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Awingu as a secure all-in-one workspace for teachers and students at CFA Blagnac

Since 1974, CFA Blagnac has been supporting learners in their professional projects and companies in their skills needs. They are an institution that gives quality training to students who wish to work in the commercial, service, hotel and restaurant, kitchen or florist industries. After the training, students receive a formal certification and are ready to (re-)enter the job market. With over 20.000 graduates, 1.500 partner companies and a wide variety of teaching and administrative staff, they were looking for a secure way to let those three user groups access their applications, desktops and files.

Michèle Raymondis, President of the CFA Blagnac and Isabelle Lhermite, DPO (Data Protection Officer) in charge of ensuring the application of the regulations on the protection of personal data and therefore the respect of the rights and freedoms of the data holders within the CFA Blagnac, have both agreed to talk about their experience regarding the implementation of Awingu within the CFA Blagnac establishment in 2020.

Audit revealed great dangers

On the advice of Isabelle Lhermite, who is responsible for “informing and raising awareness of compliance with the GDPR among all CFA stakeholders as well as ensuring its proper application”, Michèle Raymondis, President of the CFA in Blagnac, launched an IT security audit of the establishment’s IT facilities in 2020. She states:

"The audit, which was entrusted to Attitude SI, lasted three months, from April to June. It confirmed that we were in great danger with regard to the protection, compliance and security of our IT systems. Our IT infrastructure - outdated - was ready to implode."
President of CFA Blagnac

However, Isabelle Lhermite was there to remind us that “The CFA must ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality, traceability and resilience of its information system, which includes the computer system but also the archives and documents in paper format. The entire ecosystem must be ensured through technical or organizational measures.”

Awingu as a first line of defense

In view of the findings revealed by the audit, security had to be deployed in multiple directions: an overhaul of the network architecture, creation of a new website, reflection on the choice of a tool to secure the CFA’s data while allowing the circulation of information and, more globally, determination of a strategy linked to the information system as a whole.

"The choice fell on the Awingu portal. Its rapid deployment, managed very smoothly by Attitude SI, allowed us to immediately secure the infrastructure while leaving us time to modify the parts that were still vulnerable, but now sheltered behind the portal."
President Adrasteia Expertises, outsourced DPO of CFA Blagnac

Areas of success

Successful and safe teleworking and telelearning

“Awingu has enabled us to cope quickly, and in good conditions, both with the obligation to organise teleworking or telelearning, but also to do so in a secure way”, says Isabelle L. Today, Awingu benefits students by providing them with a Chromebook, without the need to purchase an additional license (MS Office or other). Once working on their chromebook, they are connected remotely to the local computer environment of the CFA Blagnac. A simple connection is enough. Read more about giving students remote access to school PC rooms.

The Awingu platform also allows all the administrative staff (30 employees) and teaching staff (67 instructors) of CFA Blagnac to work remotely, without having to worry about backing up anything, without fear of losing any information and above all without any risk or vulnerability of the system.

“It is the application of what is called « Zero Trust », meaning that we do not trust the tools that make up the information system and interact with it.” says Isabelle L. Thanks to Awingu, everyone at CFA Blagnac can work remotely or at home in a secure way.

"This approach supports and increases our chances of success for the QUALIOPI certification planned soon, as well as the Certif'Région label."
President of CFA Blagnac
Awingu as a smart and economical solution

With their 180 Awingu licenses, CFA Blagnac meets the needs of the 1,300 learners who go to class every other week. Half of them are in class each week but they are not connected at the same time, keeping the concurrent usage of the licenses under control. If needed, the CFA can always scale up their licenses in batches of 20.

"We bundle the licenses for our services and make them available through Awingu. Having to purchase only additional hardware without purchasing additional software licenses really saves us money - so much so, that that alone justifies the investment in Awingu!"
President of CFA Blagnac

Nothing but praise

In chorus, Michèle and Isabelle have nothing but praise for the solidity, agility and respect for privacy provided by Awingu:

"Awingu is a very interesting solution for everyone at the CFA. The students like using it, and were up and running in no time. We are very satisfied with this robust, modular, managed solution because, to sum up, I would say: "it works because I don't hear about it".
President Adrasteia Expertises, outsourced DPO of CFA Blagnac
"We have gone from a state of absolute vulnerability of our data to a controlled, secure and flexible state. This is undeniable progress and helps my mission within the CFA. The portal is therefore an extremely agile tool: it manages flows and ensures the protection of the system at the same time. It has positively impacted my work and my mission within the organization by allowing the CFA to deploy a high-capacity digital workspace with a high level of security."
President of CFA Blagnac

Interview by Delphine Mabire (Géo Reflet), for Attitude SI

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