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EYE4U adopts Awingu as a minimum effort and highly secure solution

EYE4U is a Danish company that supplies professional video surveillance solutions. Their clients base consists mostly of retailers, shopping centers, grocery stores, and logistic centers. For those instances, it is crucial that they can keep an eye on what happens in their distribution centers, which are often packed with expensive goods. The video surveillance solution serves not only as a safety measure against burglary but also as an additional tracking method (next to the use of scanners) of what enters and leaves the warehouse. Furthermore, the software also reports visitor flows and provide insightful analyses and statistics and needs to be as secure as possible.

As a ‘total supplier’, EYE4U not only delivers the necessary hardware (camera’s, server towers, etc.) and installation but also the surveillance software that allows their customers to monitor their system. They chose Awingu as an added and highly secure layer to connect with that software, together with the added benefit of providing access to their surveillance system from any device.

Why Awingu?

  • Security: add an extra security layer (such as MFA and SSL offloading) to their surveillance software to protect the valuable data that it stores
  • No hassle: Awingu is quickly deployed, fully functional and is used to minimize any additional effort in terms of connecting to or securing the data
  • Better than competition: unlike competing solutions like Citrix XenApp, Awingu is easy to use, affordable and highly secure

Read more about how Awingu focuses on security via this page.

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