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EYRA Group partners with Awingu to deliver next generation Unified Workspace into Swiss market

Ghent, June 14th, 2021– Awingu is pleased to announce its partnership with EYRA Group. Awingu’s Unified Workspace technology perfectly fits in the Swiss ICT Group – more specifically, that of the EYRA Cloud Business Unit, which focused on secure solutions around location-independent working through innovative digital technologies.

“We’re very excited about this partnership”, says Awingu CEO Walter Van Uytven. “Switzerland is a strategically interesting market for Awingu, as it is one of Europe’s strongholds in terms of data compliance. EYRA in particular is a perfect fit with Awingu’s product philosophy: their highly secure SwissCloud solutions tie in neatly with how our product is designed.” EYRA will offer Awingu in their SwissCloud model, meaning they offer a Swiss hosted and managed “Workplace-as-a-Service” to their customers. EYRA’s Cloud Business Unit will also enable Awingu in on-premises environments.

André Blanc, Adaptative Cloud Solutions Director at Eyra Group: “With its focus on accessibility and security, Awingu’s product has an excellent synergy with our SwissCloud solutions. The pandemic is nearing its final phase, but we’re convinced that remote working is here to stay. Now more than ever, it is necessary for people need to adopt the right security measures when enabling this ‘work-from-anywhere’ approach, and Awingu does this brilliantly. As work from home will become the norm in Switzerland for the future, we are thrilled to have Awingu’s highly secure and flexible workspace in our product portfolio.”

Awingu’s solution provides businesses and organizations of all sizes with a cost-effective and simple workplace solution. Unlike most solutions in the market, Awingu does not require agents or software to be installed on end-user devices. Awingu runs entirely in the browser, where it aggregates all company files and applications, including SaaS and “legacy” Windows or Linux applications into one online workspace with just one login. Users simply log in through their browser from any device, anywhere. Awingu is not only easy to use, but also adds ‘Zero Trust’ level security out-of-the-box.

About EYRA Group

EYRA Group is positioned as a key player in the Swiss IT market. With more than 10 years of commitment and expertise through its subsidiaries, it will quickly employ about one hundred employees spread over four sites between Geneva, Lausanne, Zürich and Neuchâtel.

Active in all industry segments, EYRA Group’s vision is clearly oriented towards supporting SMEs considering technology as a driver of change and an opportunity to develop new business models through digital transformation.

Our 360° IT Services offer is built around 5 major pillars: IT Transformation Projects, SwissCloud Adaptive Solutions, Cyber Security including a Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC), Talent Search and Provision of Specialized Resources through our Talent Management Platform and the Technology Offer which allows us through our partnerships to provide the best of Hardware and Software products.

EYRA Group has two hosting centers, including a bunker in the Alps, exclusively based in Switzerland and a 24×7 security center to offer its customers its unique adaptive cloud services.

About Awingu

Awingu is a unified workspace solution that gives users full access to their company’s IT environment, for example, to business applications, files and data. By using the latest web technology, Awingu can offer those IT services to users in a new way: they can work at any time with any device (laptop, tablet, Windows, Mac,…) that has an HTML5 browser, whether they are in the office, on the road or at home, and can collaborate without problems. IT administrators do not have to install any software or business applications on their device, yet everything is centrally managed and all company data always remains within the secure corporate environment. Awingu has its offices in Ghent (HQ) and New York. More at

Media contact: Arnaud Marlière

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