Corel acquiert Awingu pour accélérer son offre d'espace de travail à distance sécurisé. Lire la suite

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Excel with Awingu's dedicated partner program!

What is Awingu Sales Academy?
  • At Awingu, we have tons of experience in picking up the right triggers for selling our unified workspace, and our Awingurus want to share that information with you.
  • The Awingu Sales Academy is an initiative for partners to help you spot the right opportunities by offering unique insights and perspectives into the market.
  • This is an exclusive initiative with confidential information, therefore we approve entrance on an individual basis.
What can you expect?
  • Access to a library of exclusive material and information that will help you excel in selling Awingu and spotting the right opportunity.
  • New content, such as explainer videos, every month.
  • Monthly emails with insights and tips & tricks in selling Awingu.
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