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Does Awingu support USB and peripheral devices?

Does Awingu support USB and peripheral devices?

Awingu supports some types of USB/Peripheral devices:

  • Smartcard: these are supported for “in app” usage (not for authentication) via the Awingu ‘Remote Application Helper’. This small agent must be installed on the device of the end)users and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Scanners: most scanners will behave similar to keyboards and will as such function within Awingu. As exceptions exist, please contact Awingu support to find out more.
  • Printers: see printer FAQ topic
  • USB storage drives: Awingu does not have a direct link with your local storage, as well as USB disks. Data can be down- or  uploaded from / into Awingu in a 2-step approach assuming the end-users has the right to down/upload data.

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