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Does Awingu support Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session (Windows Virtual Desktop, WVD)?

Awingu embraces Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) by aggregating (multi-session Windows 10) desktops and applications that run behind it. As such, end users can have a single pane of glass with all their apps and desktops running behind it, independent of their location, device, cloud, etc.

With Awingu running on top of Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session, you would connect directly with Azure-hosted multi-session Windows 10 instances. Doing so will unlock additional benefits:

  • Awingu security layers such as:
    • Built-in Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Easy Session Recording
    • Full usage auditing
    • Using Awingu as a point of entry where you manage the network and have the ability to add security checks (vs. a shared WVD broker)
  • Awingu aggregation. Probably not all of your users will require hosted desktops on Azure. Some of your users might need to connect only to a selection of applications, some might not require a full Windows experience (e.g. Chromebook users), etc. With Awingu you create one unified experience in the front-end which makes life easier for the users, and those managing the users.
  • Simplicity in user management. Today, adding a user in WVD still requires scripting in PowerShell. With Awingu “on top” the process of adding users and groups is very straightforward.
  • Awingu session sharing. Easily share your hosted desktop with other users for collaboration purposes while having a full and easy audit trail of everything that happens within those sessions.

Combining the two will unlock the best of both worlds for those businesses that wish to run and benefit from multi-session Windows 10 on Azure.

As of December 2019 (release of Awingu 4.3), the “Awingu All-in-One” service in the Azure Marketplace allows to auto-deploy both Windows Server as Windows 10 Multi-Session based environments.

Note: Awingu does not directly connect/integrate with the WVD service on Azure. It leverages the Windows 10 Enterprise sessions through RDP.

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