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Does Awingu work with smartcards?

Awingu supports the use of Smartcards.

This can be ‘in app’: for example to read/write to an eID card from a published applications. Awingu can support using multiple smartcards in the same application session (e.g. use 1 smartcard for authentication and 1 for data reading/writing).

When using smartcards in an ‘in-app’ context, end-users need to install the Awingu ‘Remote Application Helper’. This can be downloaded from the user’s ‘account settings’. The Awingu “Remote Application Helper” is available on Windows, MacOS & Linux (Ubuntu).

User chooses ‘account settings’ from the Awingu workspace

At the bottom, choose: “Download Remote Application Helper”

Using smartcards to authenticate into Awingu is also possible when leveraging the SAML and OpenID connect functionality (a.o. Awingu 4.3). Note: some solutions providers such as “Imprivata” don’t require a SAML/OpenID Connect link (they also provide password vaulting).

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