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The first login with Awingu’s MFA

The first login with Awingu’s MFA


Quick word of introduction: what can you expect?

Awingu provides access to applications, files & desktops that are not running on your computer (or tablet,..). You simply go to any browser on your computer (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari) and surf to the link your IT department provided. There you enter your login, password and extra security code (multi factor authentication). The platform needs access to the internet and can work from any computer or tablet (really, any device that has a browser and internet access should work).

So, in short, all you need is:

      • a device with a browser
      • a stable internet connection
      • the link to your workspace
      • your username and password
      • a device to ensure your multi-factor authentication (typically, this is your phone)


Step 1: go to login URL and introduce your login & password

You simply go to any browser on your computer (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari) and surf to the URL of your Awingu workspace that your IT department provided. Here you enter the login, password they gave you.

Login screen

The first time you log in, you’ll need to configure the ‘multi-factor’ password. This is an additional security code that is generated on an app on your smartphone. As of the 2nd time you log in, this setup is no longer needed.


Step 2: install an MFA app on your phone

On your smartphone (Android or iPhone), go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for, download and install the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app. Alternatively, use the links below:

Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator


After providing credentials on the Awingu login page, you will be forwarded to a page showing a QR code and a secret.

  • Scans the QR code with the app you just installed on your phone (or enter the secret manually).
  • The first token is generated in the app. Enter that token to proceed.

Linking the smartphone app for MFA with Awingu


Logging in for the 2nd time

The 2nd time you login (and every time after that), you will only need to enter the secure code (called ‘token’) when asked for it in the “2-step verification”.

The Awingu workspace is asking for the code

Simply introduce the code that is generated in the App on your smartphone and press the ‘log in’ button.

Note: depending on the configuration by the IT department, it is possible that you will not require to input the 2-step verification code in the office (on the office network).

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