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How can my users access their documents via Awingu?

How can my users access their documents via Awingu?

Awingu provides access to classic file shares via WebDAV or CIFS. In addition, a direct connection is possible with the Office 365 OneDrive environment of the end user. The data is not locally available.

Users will only get access to these files & folders to which they have access rights granted. All file activity from the Awingu interface is audited (e.g. open files, delete files, …).

When given the rights, files can be downloaded to the local device harddrive, and, files can also be uploaded into the Awingu workspace.

Awingu Files gives access to classic file shares in a browser

From the Awingu workplace, users can also immediately share documents with third parties, in a safe and controlled manner. Once the share is created, the user will be presented with a unique URL which can be shared inside or outside of the organization. Note: the administrator can define which user/groups have file sharing rights.

To share files: select the file or folders, and choose ‘share’ in the top menu

Set the share parameters such as expiry data & availability

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