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How can I securely share files with Awingu?

How can I securely share files with Awingu?

Awingu allows you to manage your shared documents and shared folders.

To share a document or folder, go to the Files page, navigate to any folder, and select the files and/or folders you intend to share. Multi-selection is supported. Once selected click Share from the action bar or use the context menu.

This will bring up the Create share window.

Here you can specify following information:

      • Name: name for the shared items, if only one item is selected defaults to the name of the shared item.
      • Description: free text that describes the shared items.
      • Expiration date: date until when the share stays valid, default is one week.¬†Beyond this date, the share is no longer accessible.
      • Expiration time: time until when on the specified expiration date the shared items stay available.
      • Availability: specifies whether the items are available read-only or as downloads.
        • When Preview is selected a read-only preview is generated. Note that when subsequently the shared items are modified, the shared items will not be updated automatically.
        • When Download is selected, the file can be downloaded from the URL. Note that when subsequently the file is modified, the shared file will not be updated automatically.
      • Access rights: specifies who can access the share.
        • When Users is selected, the share will only be available to the users you specify.
        • When Domain is selected, the share will only be available for users that can login to your domain.
        • When Public is selected, the items will be available for anyone.
      • Password protection: when enabled, users will need to provide a password before they can access the share.

Once you click Share a window with the share link will be shown.

In order to see all your shares, click All my shares in the left pane of the Files page.

In order to see details of a share, select the share and bring up the Properties Pane by clicking the left most icon on the action bar.

Aside from the settings you configured for the share, you can also see how often and when the share was last accessed.

The following actions are available on shares from the action bar:

      • Edit: View and edit the settings of the shared document or folder. Update of: name, description, expiration date, expiration time, availability, access rights and password protection.
      • Share link: Get the URL of the shared document/folder.
      • Update: Update the shared document or folder, i.e. if updates were made to the document/folder either a new ‘Preview’ is generated (for documents only), or a new document/folder is generated for ‘Download’. If the original file/folder does not exist anymore, this action will fail.
      • Delete: Delete the share. After this operation is executed, others will no longer have access to the document/folder. This operation does not delete the original document/folder.

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