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How can I share my session and collaborate in real-time?

How can I share my session and collaborate in real-time?

Awingu allows you to share sessions with others, such that others can view and/or edit within the application you are working with. To host a sharing session, select the Share session option in the polygon.

After enabling session sharing, following options are available:

      • Access rights:
        • Domain: Only users that can login to your domain can join the session.
        • Public: Anyone with the link can join your session.
      • Control:
        • One person: Everyone can request control but only one person has control of the mouse and keyboard at any time.
        • Everyone: All users can work in the session simultaneously.
      • Password protection: Users who have the link will also need to provide a password to join the shared session.

Once you click Apply, a dialog is shown with information about your shared session:

      • Participants: Provides a list of participants to the session. The list explicitly shows the host of the session and who is a domain or a public guest.
      • Link: Send this URL to the people you want to share your session with.
      • Take control: Participants can ask session control to the host. The host can grant or deny session control to the guest. At any point in time, the host is allowed to take back session control with this button.

Note: The host always needs to confirm the request of a user who wants to join the session.

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