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How do I run Microsoft Teams with Awingu?

How do I run Microsoft Teams with Awingu?

Organizations that have adopted Office 365 can leverage the rich browser capabilities in “Teams Online” in combination with Awingu. Teams Online is the HTML5 (browser based) access to Teams (in stead of using the Teams Desktop client). The Online service has grown into a rich Unified Collaboration platform, enabling chat, voice & video communication purely from the browser.

Organizations can aggregate Teams Online into the Awingu workspace (for example), and complement this with HTML5 access to legacy desktops, applications and file servers. As such, giving the user a complete workspace which is available from the browser, on any device, from anywhere.

The connection with Teams Online (and Office 365 by extension) can be done in Single Sign-On, given the end-user a very smooth and hassle free experience.

High-level architecture: using Awingu in combination with Teams online and Azure

Running a video meeting from Teams Online

Microsoft Teams app available in the Awingu workspace

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