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My keyboard input into Awingu is not correct

My keyboard input into Awingu is not correct

Awingu support different keyboard layouts. There are differences in behaviour when using a Windows PC or other platforms. With Awingu 5.0, the following keyboard layout are supported (5.0 adds support IME keyboards).

Open the ‘Account settings’ by opening the menu in the bottom-left corner

Select the correct keyboard output

In case certain key inputs don’t give the correct output in Awingu, please check that your keyboard layout is correct (you can do so via the ‘account settings’ menu).

In case this does not solve your issue, please reach-out to your IT admin or IT channel partner.

Please note: Awingu runs inside the browser of your device. This has some consequences that might require a change of habbit. For example: ‘alt-tab’ to switch between applications does not work. This function is captured by the OS on your device itself.

For some other key combinations that might be crucial for your usage of a legacy platform, key combinations can be configured by your IT admin (e.g. function keys and other key combinations)

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