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What is the pricing per concurrent user?

What is the pricing per concurrent user?

As of Oct 28th 2020, Awingu sells license keys based on the number of ‘concurrent’ users as well as ‘named’ users. Pricing is available here:

For concurrent users: A minimum of 20 concurrent users needs to be purchased. Concurrent users are the equivalent of simultaneous connections e.g. 20 concurrent users means that at any time 20 users can simultaneously log in into Awingu. Concurrent users can be bought as of 20 concurrent users.

For named users: a named user is any unique licensed user of the Product who is authorized by the End User to access or use Awingu regardless of whether the individual is actively accessing the Software, and regardless of the number of simultaneous logins from such individual to the Software at any given time. All Named Users must be registered in the database of Named Users that is kept by Awingu. A named user license can be bought as of 50 named users.

How many ‘named’ users does a concurrent user cover? It depends. The ratio can be as low as 1/5 when for example your company works in multiple shifts per day and employees don’t use their PC full-time. But equally, it be a 1/1 ratio when your employees are power-users and don’t work in shifts. A single employee (or user) can generate more than one concurrent user when he/she logs into Awingu from different devices at the same time, or when he/she logs into Awingu from different browsers at the same time. The number of concurrent users is not impact by the number of applications somebody opens.

Awingu does not charge anything for the number of virtual servers it is deployed on, nor the number of applications/desktops/file servers that are connected. The only variable that drives the price is the number of users.

Awingu does not replace your need for Microsoft RDS or VDA licensing.

Note: For Service Providers, a specific pricing model is available. Want more info? contact us here.

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