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What is what in my Awingu workspace?

What is what in my Awingu workspace?

When the login is done correctly, you will see a screen similar to this. The colors of the background and the applications show might be different (as they are unique/personal to you and your company).

Awingu Workspace screen after login ‘at a glance’

At the bottom left, part of the navigation bar, you’ll find a user icon. Here with a green ‘check mark’. This indicates the platform has a good internet access: your bandwidth is sufficient and stable. When clicking (left mouse button) to user icon, a menu becomes available.

When clicking ‘account’ settings, the following related menu is displayed. Here you can setup your preferred keyboard layout and preferred language of the Awingu interface. At first login, it will take the settings of your browser which are most probably equal to your desired state.

The ‘guided tours’ option provides small pop-up boxes inside the Awingu platform with information on how to use different features. It can be activated or deactivated here.

Managing Account settings

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