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What SaaS services can I connect to Awingu?

What SaaS services can I connect to Awingu?

There are 2 options to connect your SaaS services with Awingu. This implies end-users will have to log in only once into their online Awingu workspace. From there, they will automatically be signed in into their SaaS services.

  1. Use an external IdP (Identity Provider) such as Azure AD, Okta or Google Identity. Any IdP that supports the SAML or OpenID Connect standard can be leveraged. In this scenario, the authentication to Awingu will run via the IdP. This means:

    • SaaS apps that are connected to the IdP can be made available in the Awingu workspace in Single Sign On. The high-level architecture displayed below shows how Azure AD can be used to create a SSO with Office 365 Teams, published in the Awingu workspace.
    • Or, the IdP’s workspace can be user to give access to applications and files published in Awingu. In this use-case, the ‘direct links’ (available since Awingu 4.2) would be used.

  1. Leverage Awingu as Identity provider: Awingu acts as an Identity provider. Since Awingu 3.2 it has connectors to a number of popular SaaS services. These include Microsoft Office 365, Google Gsuite and Salesforce. It is possible to build custom connectors on demand. The usage of these SaaS services will also be covered in the usage insights reports. Usage of our SaaS connectors is described in detail in the admin guide.

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