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On this page we give more context on how Awingu as a company is handling the GDPR. Most of the personal data we collect and use is mainly for sales and marketing purposes. Awingu is not a ‘service provider’ and does not hold any information about the end-users of its product.

Awingu, the product
Information from the end-user is only available to the customer’s administrators of our product for a limited period of time (13 months). We’ve designed the Awingu software in such a way to make it easy(ier) for our customers to be GDPR compliant. More information on how Awingu can help you – our customers – become GDRP compliant can be found here.
Note: when customers accept usage of the ‘call-home’ function inside Awingu, company-wide aggregated content is shared back to Awingu. In no way is our intention nor does this allow us to look at behaviour of individual users.

Awingu, internal
We value your privacy and strive towards compliancy with the GDPR and other privacy regulation. We wish to be very transparent with you. On this page we wish to inform you about a) the personal data we collect, b) how we manage it, and c) the tools we use.

Should you have questions about this, please reach out to us via this form.

Your right to know and to be in control

Do you wish to receive all information we have gathered about you? We will be in contact with you to assure you are indeed whom you claim to be.

Note: this can take roughly 5 to 10 business days.

Your right to be forgotten and for change

Do you wish to be removed from our databases, or change our interactions with you?

Note: this can take roughly 5 to 10 business days.

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