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Introduction to Awingu 3.4

This video highlights the feature updates behind Awingu 3.4…

1. End – User enhancements
– Multi-screen: work on as many screens as you want
– Full Screen: Set browser window ‘full screen’ to optimize real-estate
– Context-Aware: No need for MFA login when in company LAN
– Auto-start: Automatically start pre-defined apps in the background at Awingu login

2. ISV ‘Saas-ification’
Auto-Focus: Automatically open pre-defined app in foreground when at Awingu login

3. Admin ease-of-use
– SSL: built-in SSL certificate creation (via Let’s encrypt)
– App import: Auto-import of Apps during Awingu setup
– Printing: Disable “Awingu printer” for selected users

4. Microsoft Office 365 ‘One Drive’ Integration
Enable access to OneDrive files in the Awingu ‘files’ section

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