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Introduction to Awingu 3.5

We are very happy to announce the launch of Awingu 3.5!

The new release enhances User Experience, adds additional admin options, detects usage anomaly and more. Here is the full overview of this release:

  1. UX Enhancements:
  • Function keys become available on touch devices (configurable on app-per-app basis)
  • “Connection quality viewer” warns end-user if data connection (bandwidth/latency) is causing poor performance
  • Revisited and updated Awingu “Files” section for faster navigation
  • Support for 12 new languages and keyboard layouts (Nordics & Central Europe)
  1. First-time Use: Built-in guided tours for first-time users of Awingu
  1. Admin enhancements:
  • Easier provisioning of Remote Desktop session in the Awingu System Management Console (SMC)
  • Off-line installation facilitated
  • Usage capping on tenant level (i.e. for Service Provider usage)
  • Multi-certificate deployments enabled
  1. Usage auditing:
  • Usage anomaly detection is identified for a set of pre-defined rules. Awingu’s admin dashboard will provide a real-time view of anomalies as well as the reports
  • Easy export of audit logs (e.g. CSV download)
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